Loot in hi-sec relic site

Tried my hand at exploration. I scanned down a relic sire in 0.9 system. Hacked all 4 cans. Got 2 items each from 2 of the cans total value 50K. The other 2 cans were empty.
Is loot really that bad in hi-sec?
Was I just unlucky?
Had someone already cherry-picked the best items?

Hard to say based on a single site.

It is likely just a random number generator thing (ie. for every really good site, there will be bad sites too, so that the average loot works out), but highsec sites are popular, so may be cherry picking by another player.

You’d need to run a lot more sites to see your overall average loot be within normal ranges.

That’s why I asked the forum.
I don’t want to run lots of sites to find this was representative of hisec

Yes. That’s the trade off you get by doing exploration in low-risk environments.
The best loot from relic sites are out in nullsec / wormholes.

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You say that two other cans were empty. I suppose that another explo came and hacked the cans with the most valuable loot before you (“cherrypicking”).
Keep the faith explo is a good way to earn isks, but there is some competition, it is another sort of “pvp” :wink:

There’s always a chance of an empty can or two… but there’s more often a can with just some carbon in it.

So yeah, multiple empty cans in a site probably means some cherry-picking was going on.

You can get some decent orange (tech 1) and occasionally some blue (tech 2) salvage in HS relic sites. certainly nowhere near as much as you’ll get from doing them in LS or NS… or from just salvaging any tech 2 or tech 3 player shipwrecks you can find on gates or stations in HS while wandering around the trade routes. Or from salvaging faction rat wrecks (True Sansha, Dark Blood, Dread Guristas, Shadow Serpentis, and Domination (for Angel)), too!

But yeah, HS relic/data sites are mostly just practice and preparation for LS/NS/WH funs to come. HOWEVER, the sleeper sites and ghost sites are an exception. Research those (they’re both data signatures now, ghost sites used to be cosmic anomalies you could just warp into without scanning first… oh, I miss those days).

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For exploration, you need to view high sec as the “newbie area” of eve, you get to try out the mechanics of scanning and hacking, but you don’t usually get much good stuff. Exploration is the area where the risk vs reward aspect of eve is really clear. You need to head to null sec or wormhole space for the good rewards. Of course, you then run the risk of getting shot by players, but if you stay in the cheap t1 frigate a single site will cover many losses.

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