Loot Table of Hackable Containers

I know that you get different types of relic and data sties depending on where you are. However, I wnat to know is the loot table of the same named box going to be the same no matter if you are in low sec, null sec, or k-space? For example, will the “Blood Remains” always have the same loot table no matter where you are?

The quality is the same per pirate race, but the quantities are different. The red core sites (null and wh) are the most valuable by a wide margin. I’m not entirely sure the names correspond to the core (difficulty) types. If so, the answer is yes.

i am not sure whether i understood your question, but null sec sites > low sec > hi sec;
wh pirate sites are like null ( but c3>c2>c1 usually)

That’s not really the question I asked. I know the sites themselves are different from each other. I’m asking about the containers within the sites.

There’s a theory that the odd named can in the hacking sites would drop the best loot. Course only CCP knows what’s in the Loot Table for hacking cans. More than likely the Loot Tables for the various Factions are similar. However since they’re governed by RNG you can’t really know what’s going to drop. Basically in order to get the best loot available, using a scanner is advisable.

From my experience - yes, every container has the same loot table. The sites just have a different proportion of different types of containers (e.g. null relic sites will contain much more Ruins on average than lowsec sites).

EDIT: EVE Uni Wiki partially confirms this.

EDIT 2: It actually says the drop rates might be different, oops. Still not confirmed. The difficulty and type of loot is always the same though.

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It’s not about the cans being odd-named or not (this only applies to Ghost sites if I’m not mistaken), there is a clear hierarchy of which cans are the hardest to hack and potentially have the best loot. But each item has a separate probability to drop, so although a red can (Ruins or Databank) will have the best potential drops, it can still be completely empty if you get an unlucky roll.

You can read more on Relic and data sites - EVE University Wiki

Thank you

Actually I’m not even sure this is true. Anyone find AV-Composite Molecular Condenser in Angel Remains in null sec? I found it in low sec after 3 sites but I didn’t find any in null after 30 sites. it could just be RNG, but it seems to me some things only spawn in certain parts of space.

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It doesn’t appear in null, nor in WH space.

No. A Remains in a Quarry site as a loot distribution table which is different to the one of a Remains in a Temple site. It does, however, not matter whether the Temple is in 0.0 or in -1.0 space.

Awww crap.

Ummm… anyone know where someone made a loot table? I was trying to make my own and thought I’d get some meaningful data, but now that I know that it changes not on sec status but site, that means I now have to hack 5 times as much (cause I can’t just lump those sites together) to get meaningful data, which would take a long time even if I’m not interrupted by hunters.

It’s not a loot distribution table, but somone made some isk-farming statistics

He anonymized the loot distribution by abstracting it to “isk in the box”, though you could just use the same technique he had to create some distribution statistics, too. I’d write a frontend for jeve-asset and copy-paste the box content each time rather then manually entering data into a spreadsheet though.

I don’t think people bother, as reverse engineering this would probably take a life time. You need to hack thousands if not 10 thousands of sites to get a relevant dataset.

Interesting but it’s common knowledge, Sansha is best since after the loot spew change. Due to intact armor plates. However in my times doing that 5 years ago, it was second place for Blood Raiders.

I was just going to do so until I realized it would be 5 times harder than I thought

Please tell me what he means by “faction materials (rare).” In-game faction materials are divided by the faction, angels, bloods, serpentis, and so on. It isn’t divided into rare and common.

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