Loot that carries the victims name with them

So when a ship dies the modules are dropped unpackaged and maybe damaged, my idea is they also get tagged with the victims name e.g. “Preacher Solette’s Warp Scrambler”. This would create a whole new market for modules which when tagged with the name of an enemy they suddenly become trophies, or maybe a collectable.

When the module is repackaged or reused the name is simply reset, and any that are keepers the player can just lock them.


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That would take up way too much database to keep track of. Many industrialist would also like to be able to have their name shown as the manufacturer of ships, modules, and ammo, but that’s not happening either, and for the same reason.

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They already have something like that. It’s called a corpse. And there is a surprisingly thriving market around them.

If they can’t spare the database space for a “made by” tag. They sure as hell ain’t going to use it for “was used by this one dude that time”

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