Lord Vaari meets his inner circle before vanishing and temporaly abdication

T: Turri Spacepilot
V: Lord Vaari
It all happened in gilded halls of the Amarr Empire. After so many defeats, Lord Vaari, Jarl of Sosan VII has arrived at the halls of repentia. He kneeled infront of the statue of the Emperor and soon his chosen repentor arrived.

V: I have failed them. every single of them. ( he means his corporation members)
T: You have milord, but i was there from the beginning to the end with you, Lord. Blame is also to me.
V: I promised them glory. I promised them region safe to mine. I truly did and did everything to made so… God forgive me.
T: God omnipotent does forgive. I dont believe a word you say, but I belive in you, my Lord. You are the pinnalce of amarrian faith.
V: I have failed my corporation, my alliance.
T: You have. Not so your corporation, we all signed up of your gambit, but your alliance you certainly have. That shame will never leave you, my lord.
V: Is there redemption reserved on me?
T: Certainly milord! Your own scriptures says might is right. You can create whatever order you like, tell it is from God and thats it. Amarrian loyalists are there for you.

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