[Lore primer: planet] Goinard V

[Planet] (Oceanic) - Goinard V
Colony Common Name: Goinard V Research Facility 4
Artificial Habitat/City Grading Rank: Type-II, Delta City
Colony Local Name: Eidothea
Government Type: Science Directorate
Population: 7.5 million
Principal Purpose: Marine Research, Aquatic organisms

Primarily constructed as a research platform during the Gallente Federation’s expansion into frontier systems, the colony of Eidothea has seen better days. One of six facilities set up, Eidothea became the main colony hub after most of the funding had been withdrawn and several hubs having to be closed. The governing body consists of the top scientist residing in the colony, many of which considering this their life’s work.

Maintained mostly via drones, the population has dwindled in recent years, seeing unemployment rise with each research project finished. This has forced the governing body to look to other means of revenue. This had come in the form of exporting aquatic organisms, unique and common off-planet to inner systems.

In recent years, the colony saw an influx of refugees in YC114 after a Sansha incursion had forced those of Esmes III to flee.

[Art by Jacekirzy Kowski]

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