Loroseco Kross for CSM 15 - Wormholes & Small Gang

I am Loroseco Kross, and I intend to run for CSM 15.

About me:

I began playing eve in 2013 during the golden era of Brave Newbies, soon joining Black Omega Security, where I spent most of 2014 flying under suas (enough time to experience the “joys” of Dominion sov). Since then, I have spent the bulk of my Eve career as a member of Hard Knocks or in Parroto Social Club (skill urself). I took on a leadership position in HK in January 2019, and became one of our primary content creators, involved in the organisation of almost every subsequent HK wspace op or eviction.

My areas of experience:

Wormhole space - I understand the intricacies of wormhole PvP and fleet doctrines. I am knowledgeable on the ins and outs of wormhole PvE. I have rolled more than my fair share of wormholes (both to find PvP and to avoid it), and I would wager that I have run & participated in more wormhole evictions than all past CSM put together (besides Noobman). There are few who can offer the same depth and breadth of wormhole-specific knowledge and experience that I bring to the table.

Small gang – I spent 10 months in Parroto Social Club, a nano-gang corp, and I believe the experience accrued during this time can lend weight to discussion of ship balance especially for small gangs.

Tournaments – I flew in the 2017 AT and practiced for 2018, however was unable to fly in it. I have never been heavily involved in the tournament scene. However I have recently started flying in the Sisi 5v5 Eve scrims; doing so has rekindled my respect for the effort and dedication that goes into tournament flying and theorycrafting. I’d love to see official larger tournaments make a comeback.

Why am I running for CSM 15?

Wormholes – With ecosystem changes on the horizon, maybe as soon as this year for wormholes, I want to be there to provide an informed opinion when those discussions take place. Even with changes not directly related to wormhole space, I have the knowledgebase and experience to consider potential impact (positive and negative) and communicate this understanding, along with any concerns, to CCP.

Small / medium-scale PvP – The CSM is consistently lacking in members with a developed understanding of ship balance outside large-scale conflict (even in years where someone like Suitonia gets on, it is often as a solitary voice). I aim to leverage an extreme number of hours spent theory-crafting in pyfa, testing on Singularity and refining on Tranquility to explore prospective changes and their impact at smaller scales.

If you want to see what sort of ship balance ideas I have had in the past, I encourage you to look at this ship balance sheet that I made back in October, and have been regularly updating since then. Commenting is enabled, so any feedback or further ideas are welcome. (I’m still in the process of updating this following Surgical Strike, but most of the points still stand).

Why should you vote for me?

  • I know my s***. My knowledge and experience with wormhole space and small/medium-scale PvP is considerable.
  • I am more than willing to compartmentalise my role on the CSM from my role as HK leadership, focusing on ideas and not who they originate from. This intent and my ability to follow through on it has been demonstrated repeatedly during conversations in PraiseBob’s balance discussion channel. I hope Exooki can also confirm that we have had productive conversations while he has been on CSM, despite the rivalry between our groups in-game.
  • I am not afraid to criticise CCP. If I don’t agree with something, I will make it known. Some examples:

My objectives as a CSM:

  • Always asking “how will this affect wormholes?” as an intrinsic part of the thinking around every new idea CCP proposes, even ideas not obviously related to wormholes.
  • Bring attention to the current imbalance in evictions (defenders need more advantages to give them a fighting chance against a larger force, but both sides should be able to keep out the nullblob with meticulous hole control).
  • Gather, organise and communicate player ideas for ship balance. I have started this already with my ship / structure sheet linked above.
  • Challenge the thinking around every ship balance decision made by CCP to ensure it has been considered in the context of wormhole space and small gangs.
  • REEE about bringing back AT at every possible opportunity (specifically AT-style tournaments with fit theorycrafting, not just eve_nt-style pre-made fits).
  • Advocate for more opportunities for non-consensual PvP in wormhole space; foster ways to organically generate huge, impactful battles without needing to evict someone.
  • Assist in tuning of wormhole PvE risk / reward (keep rewards high, keep risk high but reasonable, foster discussion about the nature of risk, and how it varies across wormhole space)
  • Remind CCP about C4 anomaly spawn locations at least once per 30 minutes during CSM summit.

Podcasts & Interviews:


In-game: Loroseco Kross
Discord: Loroseco#8898

The PraiseBob wormhole sever has a channel dedicated to asking questions to candidates. Feel free to join and ask me anything.


Great start, welcome to the race.

Anyone who offers his ‘enemies’ for a character reference MUST be doing something good.

If we are both elected I will be REEEE right next to you for the AT



one of many. 0 industry, 0 votes.


lmao Yodik

Welcome to the race, friend. :slight_smile:

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You have my vote!

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I vote firstly Loroseco for deploy wormholers to CSM

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I’ve spent a great deal of time talking to Loroseco over the past few years, and I’ve always found him exceptionally able to explain the issues and quirks of wormholes to outsiders like myself ably, which is a quality that is invaluable for a CSM member. Being able to translate what players are dealing with into understandable play patterns that CCP can identify and alter is how ■■■■ really gets done, rather than the “your wish is my command” approach some people seem to think the CSM can take.

You’ve got my vote.


That’s endorsement enough for me.


Isn’t Yodik that Palatine Keepstar scammer?

Loroseco is highly knowledgable about wormholes and the game and has impressed me several times with his ability to explain in-depth how obscure mechanics work. He also has the ability to calmly and rationally dissect changes and that is invaluable for a CSM member. I will be voting for him this election.


Been talking with you since my last CSM election attempt. We are both on the same page for ship balance and you are able to articulate problem areas that is easy for people to understand which i feel will be invaluable on the CSM. Your ship balance sheet you’ve been maintaining and updating for months now also shows your dedication. You have my vote!

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As a long time player and avid supporter of the proper development of WH space I support your nomination and will be voting for you.

Where many past WH CSM’s have had much experience flying in wormholes they have been considerably lacking in the understanding and implications of mechanic changes that were being discussed about WH space. From the interactions that I have seen with you, you seem very competent in understanding and thinking through how potential changes will impact the space and don’t just look at the simple changes and there intended impact. You remind me of some expert Chess players I know that look at the one move and the impact that will have on the next ten moves. WH space is much different then K space in that way and you seem to understand that.

Best of luck and hope to see you serve the CSM for years to come.

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Hes not a null seccer and he is a WHer so he gets my vote.


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