[LOSEC PVP] Critically Preposterous - Bastards and Madmen

A PVP-focused corp in the lowsec areas of Metropolis, Critically Preposterous enjoys the dangers of lowsec and the lifestyle of daily PVP in small gangs/solo roams.

The founder is a 2005 player who’s been solo/small gang PVPing in the Min-Am WZ throughout the last few years. Corp is a member of an alliance whose leader is a 2003 (EVE Beta) player and has been playing EVE throughout the years. So you know you have old prowlers who can provide you with direction.

Both the corp and alliance are fairly new and working to establish ourselves.

We also host the Hek Fight Club which is a place for pickup-style duels in hisec and losec.

What pilots we’re looking for:

  • Primarily looking for Euro TZ people. Other TZs people also welcome. US/other TZs crews to be built over time.
  • Focus on PVP with industry on the side.
  • Bastards, just like our alliance name suggests.

What we offer to our pilots:

  • On-the-job PVP training/explosions.
  • Leadership opportunities for officers/FCs/cat herder types.
  • Alliance citadels strategically placed for quick entry into a high traffic lowsec region.
  • Alliance high sec moon mining with Orca support for easy income/industry.
  • Freighter & Carrier service for moving base available.


  • 10+ mil S.P. But exceptions can be made.
  • Both Alpha and Omega clone players OK.
  • Must have a working headset with mic and be able to get on Discord and Teamspeak.
  • Must provide access to ESI API data.
  • Sense of humo(u)r also required. Looking for pros, not egos. Vet and newbro pros chill and make explosions, not drama!

Contact Liafcipe9000 in-game or join our public channel Hek Fightclub.

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