Loss to Gunstar

My own fault, but yesterday I lost my BS to edencom gunstar batteries when I jumped into a invasion system without concentrating.

Im my panic to get back to gate (at a mere 10 m/ps) I neglected to even try and kill the guns with my weapons. Looking at Zkill it show no losses, but the description is destructable gun. I also went onto SISI as I wanted to test this but SISI doesnt seem to have any invasion systems.

Can i assume that becasue zkill shows no losses that it is generally impossible to kill these guns.

also i noticed on my KM that it shows 1 ship, an Elite Federal Navy Thalia as the only ship on my KM, I saw no NPCs there, just the 3 Gunstars which had me locked and were firing on me.

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Inconclusive. Might just be that nobody ever thought about risking a ship to try out. I’ve only ever shot at EDENCOM Gunstars with a corvette. I did too little damage to see a % of difference but I did get damage notifications. This leads me to believe they can be destroyed as indestructables always show zero damage, but you’d need to bring at least enough BS to deal with an EDENCOM roaming fleet and those Gunstars. I’ve seen a YouTube vid of people doing this day 1, but they never shot at any of the Gunstars.

Maybe ask in Kybernaut Discord? To flip a system more mechanics are at play then just people running sites, such as killing hostile roaming fleets and remote repping Trig ones. Could be these gate guns also play a role in that, but I don’t know myself.


Not exactly.

When a player ship is killed by any NPC entity (like drifter, gunstar, werpost or anything else) then EVE generates a killmail that one can see at zkb. At the same time when a player kills an NPC entity there is no killmail for zkb (well, some NPC structures do generate a killmail, still this is not your case).

So for most NPC entities you won’t see any losses

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OK, so someone may well have killed these before. I really wish i had had the presence of mind to try and kill the guns, its really annoying that these sites are not on SISI so test stuff like this.

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It is OK to panic when something unexpected happens.
Actually you could try to warp out and then back to jump out instead of slowboating to the gate.

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i was scrammed and webbed. I thought by the gunstars, but maybe this ship that is on the KM that i didnt see. (although my overview is set to see them)

:red_circle: Attacking the Gunstar triggers an even nastier response fleet, which would have killed you even quicker. You were dead either way. Be happy that you did not wreck your Edencom standing further by triggering the GunStar.

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I think a big enough fleet could kill the Gunstar(s) and the EDENCOM response fleet, but a single BS stands no chance.

I did try on SISI jumping into a lowsec EDENCOM system with a dread, and found out that they will stop scramming you after either a set amount of time or after a set amount of damage has been done, so it’s absolutely possible to survive the gunstar and the response fleet in a dread.

No idea if that’s a SISI thing , a bug or a feature though. Just my 2c.

A dread sieged (you won’t be able to tank incoming DPS without starting a siege cycle) on a gate will almost certainly die. A rather expensive target sitting still on a gate is a very juicy target for any PvP alliance living nearby.

Or, in case you have a soft spot for Trigs, this is how you could obtain their standing without having to welp 100 Corvettes in EDENCOM Forward Bases. If there are no Trig ships, you can shoot the Gunstars and the ships will appear before the Gunstart itself starts firing. This is your cue to warp off.

(I might be wrong here as I’m unsure where my alt got her standings from exactly. I had been welping her in a Forward Base as I did with my main, but it didn’t seem to work so I tried shooting at Gunstars and roaming fleets in a Fortress system.)

Just FYI, Gunstars and Werposts can be destroyed. There’s a EDENCOM Minor Victory system nearby my home base location and I visit it from time to time. Sometimes I see - mostly during gate jump - that there are 6-10 Triglavian NPC wrecks from wandering fleet (mostly Leshak, Drekavac, Rodiva) scattered around EDENCOM Gunstar Wreck. So wandering fleets are capable of destroying Gunstars, despite EDENCOM wandering fleet response. But I don’t believe that one player in BS can survive encounter like this.

Confirming Gunstar wrecks, usually due to repeated roaming trig fleets, each will take a bit of the armor/hull until it pops. They drop those 3 edencom salvage materials, just like the fortification Orcas. Werposts blow up without leaving a wreck, I’ve actually waited to see one pop but nothing came out of it.

@Zhalyd_Lyehin - good to know, thanks.

@Felix_Isimazu - I coudnt find a trig invasion site of any kind on SISI, even Niarja is still a 0.5 on the test server.

If you want to see the response fleet which would have spawned if you attacked the gunstar just take an alt in a Cormorant or something cheap to a MV or Fortress System and shoot one of the gunstars. They warp in rather fast and maybe you’ll live until the whole fleet warps in.

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