Lost all blueprints

I am in panick. Today while playing, EVE crashed and when I loged back in I have lost all my blueprints. And I mean all. Those in hangars, those in research and simply all. I am industry oriented so I have lost all my valuable resourcess. I have a steam account and have difficulties to connect with the support team. Can someone give an advice.

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First thing, don’t panic (and get a wet towel).

A crash on the client side shouldn’t impact data on the server, which is where all that information is kept.

If there was a database corruption, CCP would already be addressing it.

In any case, if you are certain that it is all gone from what you can see (ie. you’d if they login on the wrong character did you?), then raise a support ticket and let CCP sort it out.

Press F12 ingame and click “Report Bug” in the lowest section of the Popup.

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