Lost connection while in the Abyss

I was doing the Abyss when I lost connection whilst I was being hammered by Triglavians… Couldn’t log back. Lost my ship and my implants… So… Anyone else feels more poor today?


Have you tried not being poor?

You can just submit a ticket and get reimbursed.

Losses are bad, make all space safe again!

Believe me I try hard not to be, but stuff like that set me back!

Get reimbursed. Nothing is lost!

Thanks a lot! That will help!

No worries.

I mean, it wouldn’t be an issue if eve was just a safe space, but I’m glad CCP reimburses losses. I’ve even heard tales, they reimburse any loss. So always feel free to submit a ticket to get your loss reimbursed.

The thing is, it’s such a bummer when it happens cause you only have one Sunday. And then of course I don’t like the idea of being dead in the Abyss, it sounds bad :smile:

Blame Triglavians for the DDOS and messing with universe

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I am! Pretty sure it was them who caused the DDoS to kill my shiny ship!

ok … i dont want to defend CCP and we get probably very soon again a stupid DDoS imigration thing where barely anyone is able to actually login into the game

BY ALL MEANS! those who go RIGHT NOW into the abyss WHILE EVEN THE LAUNCHER!!! has the warning that there are connectivity issues have the fault all on their own. yes i know, a game should run normal and without disconnects etc. but theres the rumor around (i think by now is it not longer a rumor) that a DDoS is happening. STAY THE F AWAY FROM ABYSSAL SPACE RIGHT NOW!

Naturally, but this ■■■■ happened to me before any warnings on the launcher and I am pretty sure the vast majority of yesterday’s deaths in the Abyss where similar to my own.

the launcher has since yesteday the warning for me :expressionless:

No need for new thread, see here -> Tranquility DDoS - 2020/05/03-4

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First, why did you make a redundant thread?

Second, file a ticket. We will more than likely be reimbursed. Do be aware, however, that are likely getting slammed with tickets, so try to be patient. Also, if you have trouble logging in to Eve support, keep trying. You’ll eventually get in.

I didn’t make the thread in order to get a reimbursement.

i got disconnected in abyssal lost my vexor navy issue sent in a ticket
just gotta wait now

I was disconnected in the abyss but was able to get back in quick enough before I died and complete the filament. After that I am leery of going back in while the ddos is going on.

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