Losts excavators at DT

DT just hit and my excavators were returning. I didnt get them all in however fully expected them to be in the belt on login. I login and there all missing. No loss mails. I was only person in system on DT and logged in first direct into belt. Vanished. Not sure this is normal behavior? Now waiting for a response on support ticket :frowning:

Part of the DT process is to cleanup debris. Wrecks, containers, drones, etc… If it isn’t anchored, you shouldn’t expect it to still be there after downtime!

Sounds like a 5 Billion ISK mistake you’ll never make again. You’ll live though, you were warned so you can’t blame CCP. You’re as likely to get your excavators back as I am the 135 Million ISK I lost when I sold a Hulk for 15 Million… back long ago when that was a lot for me.

If CCP does grant your request then they lose what little credibility they have left.

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