Love them stones

Gotta bring some stones home :slight_smile:


Is there a question here? Perhaps this post was meant for the “My EVE” section of the forums.

Yes i searched for funny stuff but didn’t find. Can i move the post to the category?

You can summon a moderator to do so. Just click on the “…” and choose the “flag” icon. Input you want the thread moved, they’ll do it :wink:

Have fun munching them rocks :slight_smile:

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You can edit your original post to select another category.

Yep, you can actually self move it. I’ll leave it here so you can try it out yourself. If not, just @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode me and I’ll whisk it away for you.


Moved it to MyEVE :). Hopefuly it’s fine there. Sorry for choosing the wrong category. .)


Are you asking people to give you more work? Masochist/Egomaniac.

He’s a workaholic, he used to work 24 hour shift with a huge container of alcohol to stay awake.

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Who says I still don’t?


Well Vice Admiral Batman should have a drunk alter ego.

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