A prime example of not having a life. 20 ice mining alts in NPC. Dafak

Dude WTF… a full time job, I guess.

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So fracking what, you jealous?


Posting in another Bot conspiracy thread…

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I don’t buy into the whole “chinese botters” bit.

They literally got moved onto our server right as a lot of the crackdowns started happening, they didn’t get the years of wide open game exploitation that the major blocs have had in Eve online for too long already that now we got stuff like Black out and Chaos era, everybody crying themselves into the light of playing WoW and open market for bots all over again.

Not saying they probably haven’t abused it on their own server before but the effect was probably outlasted by how broken their economy was because of it and now they are playing catch up against the rest of EvE who had the benefit of both a healthy amount of botting and a more solid economy to profit from by it.

Personally I think the game needs to lose players in order to grow and the best way they can do this is to turn the new player experience into the ultimate “meat straight into the grinder out into the frying pan” approach and make the game so god damn hard nobody but only the most pure masochists and sadists will stick around to play, making it funner for the rest of us by providing us all more content.

Then all we need is a healthy amount of old bitter botter vets to finally retire from the game in search of all that WoW Gold they are working on now to re-balance the game back into being fun for everyone again.

See here everyone thought they we’re trying to find a way to bring more players into the game and keep all the vets interested when what it really needs to achieve this is an ungracious “F u” to those players to purge the game of it’s exploiting class and cut off the stream of whiny blow hards that are starting to fill the servers even though they are terrible players who don’t know how to play or have fun anyways.

Of course hes jealous! Its the new smashing, daredevil, and innovative playstyle he envys. Dude is all pro and no bro about it! Can you dig it?

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Did you shoot any of them?


Is this one of those “donk momos” Ive heard the kids talk about?

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What is most disturbing in OP’s image is not that one person is mining ice with 20 alts but that OP has empty slots and armor damage on what it seems to be a Venture.


If it is a bot.
Report it.


Nice sentence there. But, I won’t stop you from providing content at your own expense. :sunglasses:

CCP locks meaningful discussion about actual things affecting the game and lets threads like this stay open.

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So what makes your opinion more meaning full than someone else’s? Everyone has a butthole, right? lol

Maybe off the intended topic but my concern here is that each of those accounts can vote for CSM. Maybe a little more preventative than others me thinks.

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he might have passive mods hidden by default. as to why he would not fit a prop mod? i dont know

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because you dont really need a prop mod on a venture: dual MSE + passive resist plug (i prefer invuln field) is a viable fit.

My Y-S8 AfterBurner Venture disagrees wholeheartedly.

It doesn’t bump by much, but it bumps!
As long as someone’s pissed off about that, it’s not stupid! :blush:

Not sure how is it a matter of agreement or lack thereof…
Different purposes call for different fits, as it has always been in EvE.

You said “you don’t really need a prop mod on a venture”.
That’s why my muscle venture disagrees, because it needs one to fulfill its purpose. :slight_smile:

But sure, he might not be needing one, though I’d still rather fit a propmod than a tank. Can deal with rats in various ways, including having them follow you off the belt and warping back to it. Or directing them towards someone else, warping off and back.

I’ve always preferred movement over sitting around shooting and getting hit. :slight_smile:

Winmatar! (eewww, I’m Gallente -.-)