Low Data Mode?

Hi, would it be possible to have a launcher with some sort of low data mode feature for when we travel or are in vacations etc…? We would be than able to turn on or off updates for some period when running the launcher while we are on a limited quota internet plan until we get back to the place where we have unlimited internet access? As it is right now, the launcher updates are weighing heavily on the internet quota whenever they occur (and quiet frequently) and they do tend to take considerable chunks.
This came to me as an idea when I opted to turn off windows updates on my laptop for the same reason and was wondering if it could be an option for Eve Online too.

Thank you for considering.

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Well, I know jack ■■■■ about development, but I doubt it. My guess is that everyone would need to be running the same version of the game for everything to play well together. But, i.d.k. Maybe someone like @Steve_Ronuken could give a more educated answer.

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If you manage to have an out of date version of Eve running then attempting to connect produces a version error until you close out and go through the update procedure.

It would be technically possible to allow a client to connect anyway, even with an outdated version, but the results could be pretty wild depending on what changes were made under the hood and that would lead to people reporting all manner of bugs and complaints from people who want to have their bandwidth and eat it, too.


Doesn’t the Download Only As Needed mode change anything in terms of how much MB you need to download of a patch?

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If you mean clearing the checkbox I’ve circled in blue, then even with it cleared the launcher will download multi gigabyte patches all at once. I do not know if it downloads less, but it still can download a lot.


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Thank you for the replies and contributions,

One would logically think that updates would also be reduced in size when the Download the full EVE game client is ticked. Hopefully this option does also make the updates smaller in size too. To be confirmed.

Again, as those of you who also mentioned I am neither a developer either and I am sure this feature would present a ton of challenges. The purpose of this topic is to bring the end user perspective, considering those who would be on the move from time to time or vacationing and would temporarily have limited access to internet while away from their home.

Enjoy the rest of the day and fly safe…

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