Low Hanging Fruit To Improve EvE Online

Just some thoughts on how to improve Eve with the least amount of work from Dev’s, these are just my thoughts feel free to discuss.

Anxiplex (jump gates):
Remove sov requirement and allow them to be placed by anyone anywhere within null/low:
This will remove the massive defensive buff this gives to null sec umbrella’s and allow it to be more balanced.

Citadel Mechanics:
The reason Citadel’s restrict pvp opportunities is because they stick their nose in everything a way to alleviate this without making them useless would be:

Gun’s + ewar can only be used once the citadel comes out of a timer allowing them to defend themselves during an attack, but when a small group comes to roam in vs a large Coalition the structure does not interfere and allows the 2 forces to meet ship to ship without oppressive Structure weaponry.

The added bonus of this would be that the Structure’s weaponry could be buffed if needed to allow it to defend itself more without being a bigger barrier to pvp opportunities.

Frig Abyssal:

NPC tank reduced slightly maybe 10%, this will allow a very expensive frigate to solo t3, which is not really possible at the moment because of the timer running out.


Problem T1 is depressing to be in and forces people to do something else during this period, it would be too much work to redo the whole thing for now maybe in the furture but something that could would be 2 thing’s reduce Tier severity and increase personal bonus’s which dilute Tier effect.

T1: -25%
T2: Standard
T3: 25%
T4: 50%
T5; 75%

Lp Plex payout = Base X (1 + T Bonus) (1 + (FW Corp Standing/2)) (1 + (Faction Standing/2)) This should place personal effect before Tier but still allow tier to have a major factor.

EG: A Null-Sec player joining Minimatar FW at T5 that has never done FW before just to hop on the T5 Hype Train he has 0 in Tribal Liberation Force and 2 in Minimatar Standings.
30 000 (Base) X 1.75 X 1 X 1.1 = 57 750

That same player is really enjoying FW now and has Ground up his Tribal Liberation to 6 and his Minimatar Standings to 6.

30 000 (Base) X 1.75 X 1.3 X 1.3 = 88 725

The bitter vet sitting on the T1 side of Amarr has 10 in 24th and 10 in Amarr standings and is getting.

30 000 (Base) X 0.75 X 1.5 X 1.5 = 50 625 (Which is still very decent and worth sticking around for even in T1)

New guy join’s the Amarr in T1 with 0 in 24th and 2 in amarr

30 000 (Base) X 0.75 X 1 X 1.1 = 24 750 (which is not terrible but it is still half of the other side)

That same guy grinds to 6 and 6

30 000 (Base) X 0.75 X 1.3 X 1.3 = 38 025. (I’m sure this guy wouldn’t feel depressed that he could be earning 1/3rd more fighting on his enemies side)

On top of this Deplexing increases System Level instead of upgrading by donation’s which just doesn’t work well, also this gives people more incentive to defend a system rather than let one side get super dominant and then let the other side get super dominant.

FW should not be farming ground’s but a war zone where both sides are fighting, current FW is one side farming while the other side is hardly there.

If I remember well, frigates in abyssal deadpsace is meant to be done in fleets of three, so no changes are required. It’s a multiplayer game mate, gather some friends or run regular abyssal sites.


What if you enjoy frig’s but your friends don’t enjoy abyss then what :].

Dude what? No SOV requirement means that Ansiblexes can be anchored in WH’s and will basically result in the spamming of the things all over space, which would make batphoning people from across the universe even easier. This would allow for Krab umbrellas to expand at an unprecedented rate

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Make some more friends who do. Or teach your existing friends the joys of the abyss.

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They are linked to light year distance, wormholes don’t have the same distance as normal space so it won’t be able to link anyway’s.

I mean perhaps, god knows how the code works, but the spam of ansiblexes is still a valid reason for that feature NOT to be added

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It is being spammed atm have you seen the map? and all it does is make it much easier for the defender’s, Null is too safe already no need to strengthen power blocks further.

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Yeah, I agree, if they were anchorable in LOW sec as well, we would see cap fleets just zooming across the galaxy

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Could just remove the ability for cap’s to use them and leave them for sub cap only, since cap’s can already cyno.

Another option is to make NPC Anxci plex (low + npc null) which requires you to have 8.0 standings with the faction who owns the space before your able to use it, will give more reason to strategically grind up those standings.

Fw Low-Sec Space for each faction
NPC Nullsec
Normal low sec could just be the dominant NPC Faction EG Khanid and so on.

They would be in static spot’s at all times not to many of them but enough to make a difference, maybe they have npc’s on them and they can be killed and only respawn at the next down time but become a very difficult site to finish so that they are not permanently down.

I agree with the proposal and your idea to include a personal standing enhances the idea nicely. I’d propose narrower tiers though with no penalty to any.

T1: standard
T2: 15%
T3: 25%
T4: 40%
T5: 50%

I like. Any proposals that reward long term commitment in a measured way is good.

Very good. Deplexing was nerfed on a personal reward level but this rebalances that nerf with a reward for those actually concerned about the sov / WZ control.

I personally like the idea of creating a conflict driver for reducing the system level (rather than the current plexing model).
Along the lines of putting 5 hardpoints on the ihub that can be aggressed and destroyed at any time. Each representing one of the 5 levels.
(Of course this is not low hanging fruit). Thus a system upgraded would remain unitl it was flipped unless the ihub hardpoints were attacked - which might bring more ships onto the field of play.


Then find new friends to play with in the abyss.

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Hats off for combining so many bad ideas in one thread.

So this is an April Fools joke right?

-1 on every change, just terribad.

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Haha its fine I know by now that your the biggest troll around as mostly everyone on this forums already knows, so I won’t hold anything against you mate for saying silly things :].

Really, I’m a troll, yet you suggested this?

Look back, every other post is you defending your ideas are all these people wrong?

I’m not defending I’m asking question’s, if all angles are not considered then something is out of place.

Oh there is something out of place alright :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

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