Low Level Anomaly Rats

Which anomaly rats can be handled by my Tormentor? I know Sansa Refuge has them destroy my shield in 3 volleys and quickly start eating away at my armor, so that’s a no go.

It would be best if you could share fit you are using. Since it’s hard to give advice while not knowing what exactly you are flying.

That being said, with proper speed tanking and taking out sentry gun fast (it deals most of DPS). You should be able to do Hideaways and refuges. But personally suggest to upgrading into destroyer ASP. You should have hull and skills needed after completing career agents.

Refuges can be done. To add to above comment, learn to manually pilot on an angle perpedicular to the sentries and remove them first. This helps mitigate their damage to you (speedtank).

Try holding ‘Q’ key and clicking in space on your tac grid. This is a fast way to chose a direction to fly.

Also agree with training a destroyer ASAP.

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