Low Performance / Lag Issue? - Guaranteed Fix

Computer Cooling Fan Manufacturers Hate This Quick Fix.

If you wonder why your FPS and Ping are through the roof and no matter what you do you continue to have the same low performance, here is the simple and easy fix.

When your cooling fan under performs because the factory lube has worn away due to use, the fan blade itself does not turn properly resulting in your CPU and other components over heating as a result. Higher temperatures do in fact create less FPS and increased Ping.

1 Open your laptop or tower.
2. Discount the cooling fan and clean the vents of dust, plus other others where there is a dusty build-up.
3. Disassemble the fan itself. Most fans will have screws. The fans without screws will require an emery board to sand down the melted pool of plastic holding the top plate on.
4. Once the cover has been removed, take the fan blade off of the motor by pulling upwards.
5. Use an alcohol swab to clean the cooling fan blades of dust as well as the cooling fan housing. Make certain to clean the cooling fast post as well.
6. Use a very small drop of lubricating oil to lube the post as well as the small hole where the post fits into the motor. I used String Snot that I use for my crossbow.
7. Re-assemble the cooling fan unit. If you had to file the melted plastic off, you can use an epoxy to fasten the cover plate back to the cooling fan assembly. Or you can use Bondic, which I used.
8. Make certain that you cannot see any light between the cover plate and cooling fan housing, otherwise the fan will make a heck of a noise as it teeter totters back and forth on the post.
9. Screw the cooling fan back in place and replace cover on the tower or the laptop.
10. Start up Eve Online and see the increased performance right away.

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Which step do we invoke the Hammer?

OR just have a decent computer in the first place.

Well, if we had Linux ports…

Here’s a tip, consider reducing your windows firewall ruleset to bare minimum, many are probably behind a NAT and no inbound so lots of useless rules (but it’s not possible to lock down due to apps being able to spam rules in under your credentials - Steam does this) but you can set a periodic task resetting it to your exported ruleset using the task scheduler and batch file with netsh import command option for a wfw file (work around though, can’t even tag your own rules in a new group and remove ungrouped later datestamped ones, they really messed this one up imo).

Smaller the ruleset the faster the match

You won’t believe the junk that is in that default and added ruleset over time, you’re best to reduce it and take back control of it, and also if you can, run your own forwarding DNS server on your router (DDWRT is good for this with dnsmasq) or on a Pi to speed up those queries (Bind or whatever)

Decent firewall but messed up by Microsoft by not being able to lock it down from modification and it clobbers your ruleset (Task scheduler requires authenticated password confirmation on changes but their firewall does not, go figure) and also your preferences on notifications from time to time) - This is why Linux is so much better, it gets out of your way once you have it configured whereas Windows just does its own thing regardless thinking it knows better than you.

Basically outbound is a blacklist and inbound a whitelist by default on firewall, if not then you set a last rule to trap everything else. (Keep in mind rule match order/priority, on windows it’s auth bypass, block, then allow and then finally default behaviour, on IPTables on Linux it’s in file order)

If anybody is also running Logitech gaming software, you may want to disable ARX discovery (Logitech Gaming Software -> Settings -> ARX Control -> Automatic Discovery), it simply floods broadcast spam on your network (you can see this in Wireshark)

You can block this at the outbound ruleset for LCore.exe (best to disable it but just in case it resets).

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Moving this from General Discussion to OOPE.

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The issue wasn’t the computer components itself. The issue was the excess heat being caused by the fan not working and properly cooling the components. Excess heat does cause considerable loss in FPS and increased Ping.

Since I cleaned the fan and lubed the fan post and cooling fan motor hole, my FPS have gone up considerably while my Ping has dropped considerably as well.

I also purchased a new fan as a back up.

I also put four fun knobs on the bottom of the laptop to create a larger area of ventilation and circulation for the intake fan to pull in.

What is a definite is that computers, both lap tops and towers, need super cooling system, much like the cooing system in a refrigerator.

Electron mobility decreases as temperature increases, meaning that all else equal transistors will perform better at lower temperatures.

Therefore lowering the temperature of the internal area of the computer being used by injecting cold air across the motherboard instead of using dry air at room temperature will create a better performing system over all.

Its like basically like over clocking your computer but using a colder temperature to do so.

When a battery gets cold it discharges at a more rapid rate. This discharge rate also is called “rundown”

A computer operates based on logic gates opening and closing at various speeds based on the ability of the processor and related systems not overheating during the opening and closing of the 100 million gates in a CPU.

The metal in the motherboard will also need to be super cooled as well to allow the increase of energy being pushed through the system to remain below the threshold of circuitry blowout as a result of metal failure as a result of heat that is being generated.

Thus keeping the battery of a laptop or gaming computer or even gigantic server cold and forcing the battery to discharge at a more rapid rate while the electrical energy consumption is doubled to offset the increased use, will in fact create much faster computational computers, better graphics cards and an overall better gaming experience.

Placing a thin piece of steal that has been cooled in the freezer under the intake vent of the cooling fan will decrease that interior temperature of the laptop or tower by five or more degrees for several hours.

The only problem is keeping the moisture from building up inside of the laptop case or tower as a result of the two variances in temperatures creating condensation.

“I also put four fun knobs…”

That’s the magic sauce.

Magic Knobs are fun, just like sending my tiny little n*pples to France is fun.

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