Low sec icons are too hard to pick out

When mapping out paths in high sec, it’s too hard to figure out which parts are low sec and which parts are 0.5. Especially if you’re colorblind. In the old UI, the difference between .5 and low was easy to point out.


We don’t need major differentiation between a .4 and a .3 honestly. But there should be a very clear difference between a .5 and a .4. The second leg of this journey has a .4 in there and hides as a .5 due to the color.


Requesting CCP look at this ASAP.

What the heck? CCP forcefully released this today for all clients, calling it “Beta” doesn’t make it much better :psyccp:

The old client. I don’t need to label these.

Only one option shows the single .5 system in the middle, and that’s the old client.


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