Low-Sec question

I just watched a video Low Sec

Claiming that a nice advantage of Low-Sec space is that warp interdiction and bubbles can’t be used.

Is this true?



Only in nullsec and WH space are bubbles allowed.

This gives you plenty of chances of escaping gate camps.

LS is actually pretty great…just find a nice quiet area and you are good to do what you want to do.

By the way, what Trade Hub will I be using if I stay in low-sec? Not JITA, correct?

Build everything yourself…sell the rest. Become self sufficient.

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@Runa_Yamaguchi I plan on doing everything up to Tier 2 then selling the items. I have since learned that in Black Rise, where I live, it’s JITA Trade Hub that services the region. And that’s probably a mixed blessing.

it depends where you’re at - I use Amarr because it is closer then jita, but sometimes I still go to jita. If you dont want to make the trip there are courier services that are available to more your stuff around. Its very cheap to have someone go from jita to another highsec system, but most will be reluctant to jump into lowsec so you will have to transport it the last little bit yourself generally. Just scout the high/low sec entrances as they are usually the most active part of lowsec and can be camped.

It really comes down to the speed at which you want to sell yuor wears. Also, if you are not using a market alt, remember that you will need to refresh your orders too (again, based on how fast you want things to be moved).

Or conversely, find a secondary market and set-up shop there. If it’s in BR then you can still change orders when/if you skills allow from a great distance. I did this in Lonetrek for a while using Torrinos as my local hub. Worked well as it was a bust path to Null. http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Lonetrek#sec

As an indi/market person, the #1 tool at your disposal is between your ear so, use it wisely. IMO Jita is too far and will cut into your ISK/hr number BUT that’s me…you might be different so…


ps. If you need shipping, use PUSH…they are GREAT!

@Runa_Yamaguchi thanks. that good info. I knew that JITA’s sheer volume would drive prices lower. That’s just basic econ 101. I’ll need to beef up my Trade skill.
Amazing game, Eve. Each answer I research leads to a new level of complexity.

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NP at all…

My biggest tip is this: before jumping into something, REALLY do the research and try to get as many of the pros/cons as possible.

Jita moves high volume but at a lower price so do you want to offset that by working in a LowSec system or maybe switching to a different hub or even secondary hub. How about materials? Will you buy some or “get” all of them yourself? Who will do your shipping? How will you train (jack-of-all or hyper specialized alts). Are Alphas “good enough” for some roles or will you use Omegas?

bla bla bla…it’s a rabbit hole that’s for sure BUT the #1 issue you will learn is that TIME is the greatest asset. Doesn’t matter how skilled you are in Freighters, it will still take 2 minutes per warp minimum so a 10 warp round trip will cost you 40 minutes of time; what is that time worth to you…

Know what you want to do
Know as much as you can before jumping in
Be honest about you risk aversion
Play to achieve goals, not ISK
Remember to say goodbye to loved ones as you wont see them anymore

Any how…you get the point…:crazy_face:

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While they can’t use bubbles a dedicated lowsec gate camp will likely have a tackler with high scan res so unless you are in a quick warping ship there’s a good chance you get caught. Although these days gate camps don’t seem quite as common.

with jump freighters just about everything goes through jita, so if you want to buy/sell in bulk you probably go there anyways. if you just want to pick up a ship, or a few things, then there’s probably something closer

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