Low sec skirmishes

It’s absolutely fantastic to witness Lowsec skirmishes with that Alliance:


Since our Miner Princess is now showing the way into lowsec to mine [Omber] i’m excited that mining is on the agenda as well as ratting in lowsec for those [Security Tags] we should be seeing more low sec skirmishes without Concord getting involved.

I guess this is because Highsec Ganking hits it’s lowest point in years, and that Miners are the true backbone of New Eden o7

sorry to bust your dreams but how bad is this photoshopped huh?

and uhm im sorry but our mighty princess didnt lose a singe ship today

guess you are just bored and out for a small troll tday?

This is all just tactics as we already know members are being seen in lowsec either our Princess allows it or has lost control.

well thats true i mean there was even a fleet of them anchoring at a snuff astra at mara…
and the princess herself was there

This is also my tactic in learning as I am still under her wings in training.