Mining Operation Fleet and More

Does anyone attack the mining operation fleets?

There also seems to be hauling ships such as Occators and others nearby.

Are there any corps or fleet planning to defeat them?

I mine around there, and they emptied the while system out of all the asteroids in all the belts.
Of course , there are some nearby system to mine in, and I will do that.

However, I am sure they have mined a nice loot to pick up,
should we have enough firepower to defeat their 0.7 High-Sec potential reinforcement.

I tried to attack one of them with an interceptor and I think I either streamed it or took screenshots.
I also have the killmail.
However, my system stalled and I could not do anything before it was too late.
I don’t want to file a ticket for it, but I want to know if others want to join.
I saw some of those fleet dropping 100m to 200m worth of minerals or Ore before.

I brought a couple of fitted battleship around should we get enough forces to defeat them and get more loot to buy more PvP ship and /or items to build them.

Maybe I can throw in a few 25 million ISK?

  • Wouldn’t Marmite do that? In High-sec?

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