Low Sec Small Gang Thrasher

What’s a good low sec Artillery Thrasher fit that uses a damage control? Just think small group ganging up on 3 Feroxes and 1 t1 frigates that have no EM damaging weapons. I’m having trouble on the midslots.

So you need a prop mod for it to work. Let’s slip on a shield extender and hardner and… oh wait that’s the last spot there isn’t room for warp disruptor (if we want to use EMP and be in scram range) or warp disrupter (if for some reason the dessie engaged at the maximum range of its small guns).

If you don’t have a tackle module, the tackle frigates is going to need to survive the entire fight unless we bring a BC to act as a secondary tackle.

If there isn’t a prop mod, then the Thrasher can’t move around. If the initial tackle dies, the targets can just slowboat out of the way.

If you don’t have shield modules, you can only tank with armor or hull, and the Thrasher doesn’t get the same benefit the Catalyst does when it hull tanks.

If it is artillery thrasher then you don’t care about moving around, or at least you shouldn’t to. You want to arrive 10 or 20km away from the target and then fire at optimal, then scram. It is a one-shot sniper and should be used that way, if the target isn’t held still and orbits at high speed then you should not use this ship. And if the target is super tanky, then you need to bring a lot of thrashers, or something that can shoot from longer distance so the enemy cannot kill it.

Eitherway, your issues with the t1 destroyer are exactly why Navy dessies were created - these can fit both tank and dps, where t1 destroyers must sacrifice a lot of dps for solid tank and they also lacks slots for ewar.

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I just thought that since Republic EMP in small artillery is optimal roughly 11 km, scram and AB were a good idea. As opposed to say… a Hurricane which has a much larger “area” where it can hit things, so it doesn’t need to move around that much if it got into a good position early on. Thanks for your advice.

Arty Thrashers = MWD shield extender
Navy Coercers with beams, MWD, point, chonky plate, DCU, multispec (or specific hardener), and a heat sink, with whatever rigs you want (all armor/hull) are fantastic.
The Imperial Navy Slicer is also fantastic.
Uhh… rail Cormorants are classic…
LML Talwars could work…

Wait so do include a prop mod (which was my original thought)?

Your prompts are usually incredibly overly specific. :slight_smile:

If you’re shooting at 3 Rail Feroxes with a small gang of Arty Thrashers with shield extenders it won’t really matter much if you slap an MWD or AB on them, your sig is already bigger than the broadside of a barn. And yeah, you generally want a prop mod on Arty stuff. To hit them, they’re also gonna hit you. Not accounting for the 15 drones on you. Good luck.

Gonna be a fun time. Whip out your cajones. Hop on, try it out, watch space explosions, comms full of excitement, then you’ll know the answer for sure.

Yeah if numbers were equal, that wouldn’t be fun.

I take it, no of you would consider a tornado?

If memory serves me right, one active tanked Ferox has approximately 40.000-ish ehp, so you would need at least 23 thrashers or you need to cycle those arties 23 times per ship.

If you use arties, you want to alpha your target with the first shot and your small group won’t be doing that.
An arty thrasher has app. 1800 alpha with quake s ammo. You will cause one of three Ferox’ some trouble and then explode before you even cycle to shot #2.

How about some e-war instead? You could fit some tracking disruptors or something that would mess with your opponents targeting system, maybe reduce the targeting range of your opponent, so they would no longer able to operate at full length and either have information links or a problem. The base targeting range of a regular Ferox is 93.75km at level 5.

If they cannot target you, they cannot shoot you. Now you only need longer range weapons or some tracking computers.

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You demand your little dessie do multiple things at once, a rack of artillery, a micro warpdrive, a damage control and also want it to have a medium shield extender with a warp disruptor? Got to specialize.

I would consider a Tornado, but I would probably actually go for a dual rep Ram Deimos.

Why the Hek would they be active fit?

Three Feroxes are tough. You definitely need to know what you are doing. Stop asking all your fight questions on the forums and letting the fight opportunity pass you by. Engage! Lose stuff!
If you don’t have enough money to at least run a battlecruiser fleet, you chould not be a corp leader with the express purpose of fleet PVP. Be an F1 monkey for a while to learn the ropes.

I’m not an officer?

Just being handed a ship and then using it to shoot stuff is something I can understand. Sometimes people ask “hey let’s do cool thing X someday” and then somehow I’m the one going around “ok A can fly this, B can fly this, C can fly this… ok this is the time availability chart” even though it’s usually someone else’s job for a “serious” PVP roams but he can’t really be bothered for anything else.

Ah, then you should just go! Take whatever you want! Dying is fun!

Unless you are one of the anti-pvp crowd.

Oh right, those wouldn’t. I was writing this after spending some time on the simulator to see, what to do with the Navy Ferox. Those would be active tanked but you don’t have to.

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