Low Sec Solo Gate Camp

I like playing solo and I like chasing solo kills in low Sec. What sort of ship would I need to set up a solo gate camp?

I’m pretty sure I was killed before by a solo Svipul but surely a destroyer couldn’t eat gate guns DPS so maybe I’m remembering wrong!?

Gnosis for true solo. Weapons of choice (range ~15km preferred, currently using Autocannons), 3 scripted sebos, point, web, MWD, small + medium drones, rest tank (50-60k). I had some good experience with it, and it’s cheap enough to not attract Snuff if they are not totally bored. If you have a logi alt, you can scrap the tank and also use remote sebo. Expect to have a chance to catch everything > frigate.

Tactic: catch, bring on web, gun down before you run low on armor. Ping, repair, repeat.

I have seen Dii Minores camping “solo” in a Hecate on lowsec gates, with a pre-spooled Zarzmad to keep him up. Was pretty quick in decloaking even those who tried to get away with cloak/mwd and the Hecate had quite some punch. If you consider playing with two chars but on your own as “solo”. You will probably want a third char as scout on the other side of the gate however to see what is coming through.

There is another solo tactic I was able to apply a few times, I call it “rolling gate camp”. You spot a target, then follow it on it’s path with a Hecate or other small DPS ship and shoot at it once before a assumed long warp. Shrug off guns and timer, and try to get on top of it again … as you have 15 min of gate gun immunity against the same target. :slight_smile:


Well solo includes alts, so a broadsword with 2 cloaked scimiter alts.

Sad, but true.

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