Low Slot Modules for Remote Dampeners, Tracking Disruptions and Target Painters

Since ECM modules have a low slot module to augment the effectiveness of the ECM module in the medium slot, it only seems fair that Electronic Warfare Ships, such as the Keres should also have the ability to fit upgrades into the low slots as well.

ECM has lowslot upgrades as a result of being a binary result from use of such modules. Either they work, or they fail. Other EWar modules work regardless as long as the target stays within your lock range, or in the event of Recons, the module’s effective range. Thats why they only have skill modifiers.

And the other ewar modules have scripts that strengthen one attribute by 30%. The ecm mod gives 10%.

Only RSD and tracking/guidance disruptors do, but otherwise, yea. Webs, neuts, painters, and of course ECM don’t have scripts.

Pointless plug again, replace all ECM with multispec and add flavour scripts. Pretty please. ECM’s unreliable as it is, and is generally as likely to bone you as it is to bone them if you rely on it. Not to mention that one must invest 4 mids and likely some low slots to make a valid ECM boat. RNJesus ftw…


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