Low slot overheat & Ship scanner use for NPCs

I have two small ideas for EVE so I make one thread out of them.

  1. Shield tanked ships cannot use overheat in low slot for anything. Create more modules that use overheat in low slot. Low slot overheat management would bring even more complexity for ship use.

  2. Ship scanner only shows damage type for NPCs. I propose ship scanner would show resistances too for NPCs.

Comments are welcome for these two small ideas.

I recommend that npc ships actually get fittings instead of generic damage listings.

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Can you explain why you want to punish shield fits/ships doubly?

They have. Maybe not classical belt and mission rats …
… but everything post Burners should.

Please look up when these got introduced.

This would be why I say finish it up. Even if they have to fit a auto-destructed weapon slot.

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