Lowest budget fit that will kill this gate camp gnosis? med hybrid + warriors

i believe thats an instant lock gnosis?.

what if i combat probe it down, how close would i warp on him after i get his sig?

what if I built a hybrid antimatter frigate AB / warp scram. merlin?

can i orbit him 500m, load iron charge, and kill his drones? then switch to antimatter and chip him down. after that i don’t think his turrets would hit me right?

Wonder if he checks d-scan and if he does would he just bail out… or might stay even more so due to the fact. :thinking:

Wonder if he flies solo or have friends / alts to warp in or get reinforcement to come along in a bit of time. :thinking:

You gonna need a scram to kill his MJD. His rails wont touch you aslong as you not daft enough to fly straight at him, you don’t need an ab to avoid his guns. Personally I would just go in with a hecate and rip it to pieces rather than fall asleep out of boredom

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