It’s ruining faction warfare more than bots, I can’t move my fleet around, it’s killing pvp content in FW.

It’s not a solution to the bot problem at all. If these gate camps existed in null then the problem would be solved already.

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There is no other NPC gatecamp like this anywhere in Eve and they POD kill.


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They are a storyline thing and (my guess is) probably also a test case for new NPC AI. Tinfoil suggests there’s FW changes upcoming that the storyline is leading to, but I haven’t seen anyone suggest the NPCs would be an anti-bot measure (before this thread that is).


Old news. In the meantime they drop nothing, no lp nada… just pod kill you.

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Well the question suggested it was not old news for you, sorry if I misread that one.

My point was that probably the answer to wth is nothing beyond “just testing this new AI (which btw pod kills) and having a story here”.

The point is FW is in bad shape and this move only hurts it / decreases activity even more.

Neither side of the militia down here supports it. Noting but a major hindrance.

At the same time… FW botting has picked up once again and is being ignored.

So… FW militias are surrounded by bots and being podded by npc now. Makes no sense.

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It’s OK if YOU won’t play CCP will replace you with new nasty NPC to fill in.
Eventually FW will be just NPC fights back and forth to add life to the warzone.

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All they need to do is remove the fing missions. The new NPCs are a dumb idea.


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Yeah, this type of “Content” really does not add anything but frustration to the player experience. If you are going to roam lowsec in anything but frigs… good luck getting past those rats.

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