Lowsec Wormholes have too much of a chance to end in Amarr rather than all other 3 regions

we live in a C3 with a LS static, it’s never been caldari, it’s been serpentis once, it has been minmatar some times, it has mostly been amarr everyday, then again Lowsec to lowsec WH still brings to amarr, it should be more balanced, even probing the chain for k space still brings to amarr, amarr amarr amarr, give each region 25% of spawn rate then randomize in that 25%?

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if you cant handle wormhole then move back to high sec …

Why should be there a 25 % chance of getting a caldari lowsec if not even 25 % of all low sec are caldari ? oO doest make sense to me ?


Our High Sec statics mainly fall in or near Domain region/Amarr. we do get Caldari WHs but few and far between. So i think it is a case with WHs in general

Amarr has the most systems? So, this is pretty much a classic case of probability and statistics.


It’s even good for the game economics, because it buffs Amarr as a market, competing against Jita and often offering lower prices for certain resources.


this. Literaly, stats.

Maybe amarr has more systems than the other ghetto regions…

This is indeed a condition which needs an urgent change! Dear Minmatar brothers and sisters it is about time that Matari fight against the slavers and take back some of their high-sec systems!
I really want more Matari wormholes!

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