LP Certificates

It would be an interesting new mechanic if a certificate was added to the LP store that could be reimbursed for LP.

Why would that be interesting? Because then people can buy and sell LP on the market all of a sudden. I think its a very interesting thing.

So how would it work? Basically you buy the certificate for LP like you would buy any other item in the LP store. It becomes an item in your inventory. This means you can put it on the market or transport it around. Obviously by transporting it around you risk losing it if you get ganked so dont carry too much at once.

So if you bought a Brutor Tribe certificate for example you could take it to a Brutor Tribe station to reimburse it. Maybe it should just be a button in the LP store interface “Reimburse LP” or maybe you would have to talk to an agent, who may or may not be willing to talk to you depending on your standings. Who knows.

Imo the certificates should be 1,000 LP each. This means you cannot convert LP to a certifiate if you have less than 1,000 LP. It also makes pricing easy when you know all certificates are 1,000 LP each. It would become hard to price if certificates represented random amounts of LP.

This idea was inspired by Make LP tradeable let me know what you think

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If we already trade the items the LP is used to purchase, why would we need to trade the LP itself?

All I can see this doing is (1) decreasing the number of players travelling around New Eden to mission for different corps (including FW, RW and pirate missions) and (2) increasing the amount of farming by the people already running them.

A point was brought up in the other thread highlighting that LP certs could be an LP sink because they could get destroyed. But we already have that when the products they were used to purchase are destroyed.

It just seems unnecessary.

Then it makes working with some Corps to gain LPs to change them for Items, worthless. Just use the best Corp to farm LP and then interchange it to any Corp you like for whatever item you like.

Even if the Items can be destroyed or aren’t a 1-1 trade.

Personally, I prefer the idea of merging some LPs Corps so the Corps which offers the same Items but have different agents, are included in the same LP Pool and do not have the crazy amount of Corps LPs that we have now.

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It seems like industrialists tend to not have alot of LP, and people with alot of LP tend to not be very industrialist. So trading of LP sort of bridges the gap here.

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If industrialists want LP they can run distribution/mining missions.

But I’m asking why that gap even needs to be bridged. If redeemed LP items are already on the market, why bother spending dev time implementing a mechanic that allows trading of the currency used to redeem these items?

im am for this, I have lp scattered across tons of corps that’s not enough for buying items but could allow me to clear them out. I say 1 cert = 1 lp

I’m asking why that gap even needs to be bridged.

Because it makes the game more dynamic. Its a sandbox after all and it gets a bit bigger with this mechanic. Some people will prefer to maximize their isk/lp by figuring out which item is most profitable to get and sell, others will just sell their LP and be done with it.

That being said maybe there should be a penalty for converting LPs to certificates, ie. some are lost, i dont know.

No! Emphatically.

I am watching a group of 33 bots running courier missions. And that is only one group (we have seen up to 5 or six groups of bots doing this).

Allowing the pooling of LP is bad, m’okay.

I’m envisioning a player wanting to get into the pirate implant/ship market. Normally they would have to consider running missions for that pirate corp, moving to a new area of space, setting up shop and interacting with the locals in the area. If we could trade LP, if you wanted to break into that market you wouldn’t even have to consider making any kinds of sacrifices to earn your entry into that market. You’d just find some dedicated mission runners and purchase their excess (and then travel to the closest station of the corp since we can’t redeem remotely for some reason).

I dunno, to me that seems like a trivialization of part of the sandbox aspect of the game. It’s convenient, and might make for a more dynamic market, but I can’t for the life of me see how this would make for more dynamic gameplay or interaction. But perhaps I lack imagination or perspective. Or sleep.

Why did this need another thread. You even linked to the thread that is exactly the same idea… making LP tradeable.

Anyway, if you are posting the same idea, I am copy/pasting my response…

Why would a Corp allow its LP to be traded? They are rewarding your loyalty.

I would imagine that SOE would like not someone who they hate, rocking up to their shop and buying their tech.

I dunno, to me that seems like a trivialization of part of the sandbox aspect of the game.

No, it does the opposite. Because now you can do what you just described, OR you can purchase the LPs. Its up to you. Sandbox got bigger.

This is a capitalistic game. I dont see a problem with being able to sell your loyalty points. Perhaps there should be penalty for doing so tho. So it costs for example 1,100 LP to create a certificate but that certificate is only redeemable for 1,000 LP.

You got it wrong. I’ll make an example.

Someone rewards your loyalty with a unique currency so you can buy stuff from the Shops of his Organization and also you gain trust and respect from them so you could buy from them but instead, you dell them to someone who is hated by this organization and also is non-grata to them, they will allow him to buy from them even if they gave them their currency?

This is what you are proposing.

Edit: Adjustment done to match OP change to the main idea.

I suppose what we have here is a difference in ideology. I’d like to see a game where decisions have consequences and require investment on the part of the player to build something. In my opinion, what you’ve proposed, while technically expanding the capabilities of the sandbox (I’ll concede that point to you), trivializes that effort and investment, that process of building.

I suppose, then, that I’ve no mechanistic opposition to what you’re discussing here, especially since you’ve been considering penalties and balance issues alongside the convenience. Conflicting ideology isn’t always a bad thing and, furthermore, is not a very stable foundation for constructive criticism. So I’ll stop hounding you here.

Umm, you are fast editing… Also, I didn’t saw your modification on your first Post as is different from your first proposal and you didn’t say which part you change.

I’ll edit my comment accordingly

not to mention you would have to run the lp certs out there to trade them in which risk losing them.

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I quite like this idea. There has to be some surcharge / tariff / duty (I’m having a vocab failure) that balances this, we just need to find the sweet-spot. A 10k ‘letter of good standing’ for 10,001 LP would obviously be too cheap, and for 50,000 LP obviously too expensive. There must be a balance point where additional cost and risk balance out the fact that effectively ‘loyalty’ is being sold-on.

It’s a yes from me.

On a tangent: working for a nation’s militia would be more attractive if instead of losing standings permanently when engaging in faction warfare you were just flagged shoot on sight while actually in the militia. Once you dropped back to civilian status your standings had no permanent effects applied (from FW engagements, missions would be business as usual). More people would be willing to try it then, rather than watch their standings tank (the grind! the horror!).

Edit: flagged kill on sight by the fac-po and militia in the enemy’s territory - not globally by everyone!

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