Lucrative Business Opportunity for CSM 14

(Lucrative Business Opportunity) #1

Hello friends,

It is time for a fresh face to the CSM! For too long the halls of content have been dominated by the greater powers who use their position of influence to their own ends.

I, Lucrative Business Opportunity, seek to end this conspiracy. For too long have I sat idly by changing orders in my station, watching the corruption and rapacious politicians squabble over the their ill-acquired powers while the helpless citizens can only watch from a distance in distress.

First call of order would, of course, to end the ravenous taxes imposed upon us capsuleers in our own structures by the SCC.

From there I have many great plans to increase the prosperity of all, from financial to little things like salvage drone IIs. But of course the priority would be in line with my constituency, after all, it is my humble role to be the voice of my flock.

My candidacy will be a challenge to the cemented order!

Apologies for the long delay in updating this post. I have completed my manifesto and you may view it here at your leisure.

My personal favourite point in the manifesto:

“NPC response fleets start spawning in over farmed systems”

DOCX version on OneDrive link!ApOMOXFEk1o3ZsJBARXCCL-U8C0?e=NAZe4c

PDF version on OneDrive link!ApOMOXFEk1o3bvChcw6xjgXqbwo

(Scoots Choco) #2

Would you be able to provide some more specifics on what kind of policies you will advocate for as a CSM member?

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(Buoytender Bob) #3

As an apparently relatively new player as a candidate, one must ask if you are an alt of a far more experienced player?

That aside, I, too, would like to hear more about your platform.

(Kanzero) #4

I have to say I was both greatly surprised and very happy that my old friend and business partner Lucrative Business Opportunity has taken this step in the realm of space politics.

Judging by his impeccable reputation as a fair and humble merchant throughout the years I have nothing except support for this candidacy. A person that sells at exceedingly narrow margins for the greater good of the common pod pilots that need market supplies and an irreplaceable champion of honesty and morals.

I expect his market rivals to try and sully his name with unfounded allegations, but they will surely fail.

All my votes are going to Lucrative and so should yours.

(Solecist Project) #5

You guys realize this is basically a troll campaign, right?
Just read the post above. That’s some serious brown nosing right there.

(Kanzero) #6

Speaking of unfounded allegations it seems my post was prophetic. How dare you sir!

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(Solecist Project) #7

Ma’am! I’m a lady!
Look at me!


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(Dunn Idaho) #8

You have my vote sir!

I look forward for you to make New Eden lucrative for all.

(Lucrative Business Opportunity) #9

I apologise for these individuals, the name may have been an unwise choice when I created this character but it has sentimental value to myself. I will admit that this character was generated in humour but it has morphed into a legitimate and active character and not just a humorous name. You will see from my shortly to be released manifesto that I am serious about positive changes to the current ecosystem. And I aim to at least stoke discussions.

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(Solstice Projekt) #10

Your initial post reads like a political speech aiming at those who are easily baited with money. We both know that there is no chance CCP will lower any taxes at all.

You do your name justice, in all its glorious irony.

(Xuxe Xu) #11

Campaign motto: “Double isk for everyone!” Shoo-in.

(Lucrative Business Opportunity) #12

I have attached my full manifesto to the post, apologies for the long delay.

(James Sarum) #13

LBO for CSM !

(Anyn) #14


I would like to offer some positive, constructive, criticism to this campaign launch and its messaging. It should be remembered that CSM members are not game designers. They are advocates of player concerns and a pool of community representatives for CCP to get early feedback from while features or changes are in development. Your role, as such, is not to bring changes. I’m sure you’ll be able to suggest things, but as with all game design, most of what is said is just an idea, and execution is something different entirely. A more credible, perhaps mature, language would not be “NPC response fleets in over farmed systems” but rather “Players that I represent seem very concerned about over farmed systems, and a solution would be welcome”. It would also help if you could bring some kind of quantifiable metrics to the table. “I have X number of pilots who have brought this concern to me.” or “This much over farming is happening in these systems based on our gathered information.”

I think it will be difficult to bring suggestions that meet the challenges of development, in many cases. You’ll also have to contend with the development team itself, with their own (obviously) agenda. Despite the frequent focus on criticism when we deal with CCP, the reality is they have expertise in their field. Likely, many of them have been working in their respective disciplines for years. I worry that much of the feedback could easily be “Tell me what you want fix, not how to fix it”.

I hope this simple suggestion to vocabulary and mindset helps your campaign and perhaps even your CSM representation in the future. Good luck!


(Lucrative Business Opportunity) #15

You criticism is appreciated. I would hate for everyone to just agree with my plans. Many of the points I listed save a few would be very game changing, and such things CCP would tread very lightly on if it were themselves who came up with them, let alone follow from my suggestions.

I am no game designer, all I can do is offer a few suggestions, hopefully as a player poke into some territory that maybe CCP does not roam as often as a player does. And hopefully pass one concerns from the player base as a whole and not just the people I know, the game itself must be kept healthy, and this must transcend the needs of myself and the people I fly with.

The suggestion for NPC response fleets was a novel idea that came to me, just to stop clumping of ratting assets within a confined system. Maybe a depletion system would be a better fix.

If we are to keep this game alive for many years to come, sacrifices to the personal must be worth taking for the good of the game which I have always thought to be at the forefront of a CSM candidates responsibility. I am happy to sacrifice what I benefit from if it would mean that we can make Eve a long lasting place for us all.