Lumberyard Usage

One of the things that CCP keeps talking about are a 64 bit client and the ability to scale for bigger better battles that support better game play.

My suggestion is to use Lumberyard and AWS to port the data over. Lumberyard should give them the ability to port in all the current models they have to the updated graphics engine and 64 bit support. The AWS aspect of it would give them virtually unlimited scalability. Have a big battle come up screw TIDI just spin up more clients. as soon as it drops below the threshold shut them back down.

Just a thought.

Yeah, sure, even more concentration on AWS. And when they go down, everything on their servers goes down as well. Very good idea, this useless concentration on one single service. The funny outage due to issues with Dyn 2 years ago made that all the more clear.

God damn, do you know how much that would cost?

Hopefully you’re okay with tripling your subscription fees. Performance nodes on any hosting provider are not cheap.

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