Luminaire Snowball Fight VII (20-DEC-20, 2100, Luminaire)

If a Secret Santa participant cannot attend, he still gets a gift!

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I have been informed that there is an imposter among us! And I wish I was playing Among Us to address this.

Someone is attempting to impersonate me under the name of “Commander A 9” (with a space between “A” and “9” and with Russian text in the profile).

There is only ONE legitimate ‘Commander A9,’ and that is ME with the black suit and crossed arms with the Gallente emblem in the background here, specifically declaring myself as “Commander A9” and referencing the Global Defense Initiative from Command & Conquer.

Also, I can’t speak Russian to save my life!

I appreciate everyone taking action against this impersonator.

Meanwhile, if you wish to participate in the legitimate Secret Santa, please do so, and contract items directly to ME with “Secret Santa” in the contract from the Luminaire VII (Caldari Prime) - Federal Administration Information Center or as close to Luminaire as you can get it :slight_smile:

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That one has luckily been dealt with and is no longer in game. Wanted to make sure nobody ended up getting scammed and sending anything to the imposter, glad its been settled…

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Hello, everyone!

Thank you all for your contributions this year! More are still coming, and I am grateful!

However, due to literally our entire stockpile of over 450,000 snowballs being melted as of last year, we seem to have a bit of a problem for this year’s event…

We have thousands of fireworks, but as of the time of this posting, only 1,247 snowballs. :’(

I’m doing my utmost to avoid spending the donation ISK on snowballs themselves in favor using the contributions to focus on buying super-sexy prizes and I will hold out as long as I can.

Any spare snowball stockpiles people have to contribute would be appreciated.

Thank you all for your patience. I hope to see everyone in Luminaire tomorrow!


I want to personally thank @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras for his very speedy donation of $500,000,000 specifically for snowballs!

I also want to thank Natalie Solis Solima for his contribution of $50,000,000 specifically for snowballs, as well as hellboy007 Eriker for the 1,000 snowballs!

Without the people, this event would not be!

I am grateful for such patronage in making this possible!

…I better get to transporting!


The prizes are gathered, and most of everything that we need is in place!

Our prize list is as follows:

Lightshow 1:

-Christmas Barbarians
-Comfort and Joy
-Santa’s Workers I
-Gold Coins I
-Test Your Might!
-Kicking In The Door
-Christmas Gems
-Party Crashers I
-I Bring A Message

-Party Animal Package Fleet Prize

Lightshow 2:

-Putting Things Back Together
-Clear Your Mind
-Diving Right In
-John Rourke Will Return
-Lost In The Snow
-Gold Coins II
-Last-Minute Deliveries
-Santa’s Workers II
-Party Crashers II
-Racing To Jita

-Party Animal Package

Lightshow 3:

-Protect This House!
-Be At Peace
-Morwen Lagaan’s Hearth and Home for the Holidays
-Santa’s Workers III
-Party Crashers III
-The Hidden Party Returns
-Naughty Bastard
-Christmas Bad Boy

-Party Animal Package

See you all in Luminaire tomorrow!

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Wasn’t it Field Commander A9 in Red Alert though? Well technically later the Allies became the GDI but still, though am not a lore nerd so why am asking as am curious.

Speaking of which have you played the remastered C&C games and if yes what you think of them?

Thought I post this in public instead of private in case others might be curious about your reply as well.


Happy to help !

Looking forward to this fun and awesome event.


Anti-Gank are coming, see you there for the fun.


You ARE correct! It was “Field Commander A9” in Command & Conquer: Red Alert. Back in 1996, I did a little bit of co-opting and dropped the “Field” and adopted Commander A9 as my official gaming callsign. Hard to believe that was so long ago.

I’ve been playing Command & Conquer since the very beginning. It’s one reason why my Hyperion is named “UNS Westwood Studios,” and why all of my official ships are prefixed with the designation “United Nations Ship.”

I do have the Remaster! It is a worthy addition, and I’m glad they honored Westwood Studios in it. I also saw Frank Klepacki’s broadcast of MAGFest last year. God, that was fantastic!


I forgot! Time for last-minute Secret Santa shopping!

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Christmas arrives!

I want to thank @Anataine_Deva for the generous donation of 250,000 snowballs! This helps restock all the supply from last year’s melting!

I can’t thank all of you enough for the effort all of you have put into this project! I’m eager to see everyone today!


Hold on! I’m just picking up the whisky from the off license, bring a glass as I don’t have spares :grin: :tumbler_glass:


I want to thank “Adrian Vexier” for poding me inside the event. So much fun this event… that’s eve players for you. In case you wonder why the game is dieing


yippee, was gifted with a kill report too

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@Evander_Odyseus, you were suspect-flagged in the middle of around 100 ships, you knew what you were doing. You were bound to explode. Even the kill-mail has multiple people on it: - but why the grief for an empty pod?
Also, don’t PM me to lament calling yourself a newb, when your character is from 2009. Mine is from 2017. You got Vexed. Harden up!


Follow my CONGA!

Amazing and beautiful work by everyone


A short clip of CCP Aurora and CCP Convict demonstrating ship spinning techniques at today’s event.

Thanks to Commander A9 for hosting!


Thank you @CCP_Convict for your corpse! I never saw my Fedos happier than today! :heart:



And a few obligatory drone cam pictures: