Luncher problem i can login

i have problem with luncher i can login

Yeah login seems to be down.

Same problem. Online players is decreasing. it seems game server is ok but after you log off you have problem to log in again.

same problem here, and on log i get this

2018-04-13T08:06:01.765Z web debug info: Queued 1 account for start-up. 1
2018-04-13T08:06:01.770Z web debug info: Start client request for [edited] on tq 1
2018-04-13T08:06:01.951Z web debug info: Received blocked origin for launch token, retrying with refresh token. 1
2018-04-13T08:06:01.951Z web debug info: Refreshing access token for [edited] 1
2018-04-13T08:06:02.141Z web debug info: Encountered an error while refreshing token for [edited]: Token service responded with 501 Not Implemented 1

CCP @ fanfest, look at our new features

Us… we can’t even login


I can’t log in either.

Weird how CCP is quiet about it, when I logged in an hour ago I had no chat window, now this, and nothing from CCP. Could be DDoS

Been waiting about 30 minutes now, but has just refreshed with a login screen and I am in to my character.

i resolved by removing acount from list and login again with same user and password

Up now - just logged in

Well, what did you have for lunch, maybe we can help? Nice to hear you can at least login, even with your lunch trouble and all


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