Lvl 2 mission fits

It can be used for various thing, but range control in PVE is more easily and more efficiently achieved by using an appropriate propmod. The webs are good when you intend to fight at close range, and allow you to increase your tracking. Other than that, it’s not that efficient - especially on missile ships that struggle more with the target signature than with the target speed.

I’m decently on the same level of curiosity as the OP is in this thread. My question is what agents are good to start with, whether is be Lvl 2 or 3 missions, more ISK payouts, or ease of play missions?

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Choice of agent.
The missions are broadly the same. The opponent will differ, so in Amarr you be facing Blood Raiders, other Empires have their own local pirates. However, the local bogie men are typically weak-ish to the local Empire’s weapons, but do have E-war that is more likely to be inconvenient. Tracking disruption us a pain to Amarr energy turret pilots.
So, the difficulties don’t really vary between empires and corporations in those empires.

ISK is consistent. LP - loyalty points are also the same BUT the items available in each corporation’s store differ. Some are more desirable and profitable than others. Don’t Wade into the details of that, it will drive you a little spare.

The other consideration is Standing. Do good work for a corporation and they will grant you a discount on market charges in their station. Therefore, if you live around Amarr as I do, having a good standing with the Emperor Family is worthwhile 'cos it makes things a little cheaper.

Then there’s a though about progression. Does the corporation you are running for have all the levels of agent reasonably close together? Or will going from Level 2 to Level 3 involve a bit of relocation. And is that a problem (I like the comforts of Empire and I’m hanged if I’m going far into the boonies). I do have away bases with caches of ships I can clone jump to for a bit, but I like being local.

In practice, jump in and don’t worry too much. Enjoy flying rather than worrying about missing a fractional opportunity for a slightly marginal optimization.

But try other things as well - mission running is only one option. Explore, trade, chat, mine, enjoyment is all.
Btw: mission running won’t make you rich. But they can present nice little puzzles.


@Proxy630 for the most part all agents offer same missions. consider declining any mission that indicates your targets are amarr/caldari/gallente/minmatar as it is slow to repair poor faction standings. use to help find corps that have valuable items in their LP stores and rule out corps in undesired locations

L3 in a battlecruiser or assault frigate is the sweet spot for mission fun IMO

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I’ll start shooting for that then. Since joining back in the game since 2012, I’ve been wanting to mission run for a while and kill some time getting my skills points up before I start heading into null sec and start joining in the wars. Thank you for the suggestion though. I greatly appreciate it. <3 Much Luv.


And to Terak, I also appreciate the feedback. And with all things considered, I do want to go to Level 3 mission running, but for the mean time, mentioning I haven’t been on in so long, I want to kind of take baby steps into the game before I start exploring my other options. Right now, to at least increase my income from the missions a little more, I have 2 of my own salvaging ships to boost up my profits. Just made over 4 million ISK from a Lvl 2 mission, so that isn’t too bad right now.
But all in all, I’ll consider my options when I do start getting a little more income to afford different ships and also get a better feeling for the game again. After all, this is only day 3 of being back in the swing of things. Lol.
But honestly, I appreciate your input and I’ll heed the advice when the time comes to break out of my comfort zone.

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I completely understand. I spend most of my time in Eve mission running - and across a range of levels depending on the time I have available.
Most of my major income is from T2 industry, but I initially started as you are, mission running to build ISK to expand the ships I could fly. I remember fondly gathering the ISK to buy my first cruiser - an Arbitrator, with T1 drones. I remember my first Impel (still got it) and my f irst billion balance.

There are times when I feel stuck in a rut. Occasionally I’m forced (wardeccs do have an upside) to do something else - wander out into quieter areas, stop industry to avoid hub camps and dive into Abysses (nice little earners - better but riskier than missions), a bit of exploration, a bit of running combat anomalies. It’s then you realise quite how deep Eve really is. It’s then I realise the rut is mine…


in missions you have several gains :

  • reliable loot, salvage. Not fixed but the average value will be reached each time
  • bounty. The bounty is fixed by the missions, and the paths you choose : it’s literally the sum of the bounties of the rats.
  • unreliable loot : some rats have loot that drop very scarcely .
  • mission reward (and bonus). Those are indexed on the system your agent is in. The lower the security status, the better. for comparison sake a 0.0 system will have a 2.5 times higher reward than a 1.0 system. They also have a small random variation.
  • LP the same as above, but no variation (actually there are some variations, but less random). The value of the lp is however depending on the time(fluctuates daily), and the corporation you are working for.

Your missioning result is influenced by several factors :

  • position of the system in the constellation. if each other system in the constellation is 1j away, it will be faster than if your system is in a dead-end.
  • position of the next constellations. Some mission send you to next constellation, and so those can be a hassle just for the long jumps.
  • existence of low/null sec systems in the constellation/next constellation. Those are no-go and will increase the dock-to-undock (d2u) delay, can also reduce your standing too lows if oo many happens (which can definitely happen).
  • the couples mission+system you are willing to accept : bad reward mission that are far away should be refused, no need to do 16j for a small reward unless you are in an inty.
  • Your availability to have specific fits for specific missions. With good specialized fits, you can like halve the time of some mission, or even allow you to blitz with a fraction of the time.
  • complexity of the LP store : some very good offers needs you to actually have a huge amount of items prepared. like you need 2B to make 500M benefit , at a rate of 2.5k isk/lp - when other offers are only 1.5k isk/lp. Provisionning is the key, but still a hassle (I have constantly over 20B in tags IIRC)
  • long-term benefit of LP offers : if you sell now (direct) your LP value will be lower than if you place on long-term. Not that much, not necessarily.

All in all, missioning is a real jobs, and it can take a very huge amount of time and liquidity to reach a state where you can do a good amount per hour. Reflection is important, and if possible, take notes : how long did it take you to do that mission, what was the gain. I made such notes in order to compare the values of L4, L3, the loot, same for anoms, sigs, in HS, NS, etc. This is the real important data, what you can do so what you should aim for and what you can improve.

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