Vexor lvl 2 mission fitted

Hi there I was looking for good pve lvl 2 fitted for vexor. Just started lvl 2 sercurty missions and seems I under power with my little destroyer

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Hi and welcome to Eve.

Make sure you train up the Core Fitting skills asap, those will help you to easily fit up ships. This thread might have some good info on how to fit up your Vexor.

I suggest downloading Pyfa 3rd party ship fitting app, import your character skills and do some fit ups in that before buying any modules. Or you can use the ghost fitting option in Eve.

Good luck and may you have a long rewarding career here in Eve.

So look at fitted in the old fourms at Was made for belt rats . this fitted work for LvL 2 sercurty missions

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Not exactly sure what you’re looking for but here’s a level 2 mission Alpha fit.

With a minimum skills pilot this fit has less than 12,000 ehp, no way to boost back shields and just barely over 4 minutes of cap with everything running. Can you complete level 2 missions with this fit? sure you can, however for a new player just stepping up into a cruise and level 2 missions I would not recommend it. Unfortunately I have to leave for work so I do not have time at the moment to post an alternative. I will work on one and post it later today or tomorrow.

For now if you try this fit drop the 4th drone damage amplifier with stacking penalties it is essentially a wasted slot and put a T1 Damage Control Unit in that slot, if you have the skill to use it the T2 would be better.

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I used this for my Alpha:

[Vexor, 150mm medium rails 2 mfs]
Medium Armor Repairer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Prototype Armor Thermal Hardener I
Prototype Armor Kinetic Hardener I

Large Cap Battery II
10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
F-12 Enduring Tracking Computer, Optimal Range Script
F-12 Enduring Tracking Computer, Optimal Range Script

Dual 150mm Prototype Gauss Gun, Thorium Charge M
Dual 150mm Prototype Gauss Gun, Thorium Charge M
Dual 150mm Prototype Gauss Gun, Thorium Charge M
Dual 150mm Prototype Gauss Gun, Thorium Charge M

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
Medium Anti-Thermal Pump I
Medium Anti-Kinetic Pump I

‘Integrated’ Hammerhead x5
’Integrated’ Hobgoblin x5

It’s pretty tight on fittings and you’ll need maxed alpha support skills. If CCC II rig is too expensive for you, try to replace active hardeners for 2x prototype EANM or simply train capacitor skills further, if you are not an alpha.
I used to set “keep distance” at 20 km and spammed it at all targets with afterburner and repper running permanently - it’s really pretty care free experience for the most part, as the focus on guns lets you remove drone murdering elite frigates withouth much hassle and diminishes loss of dps from drone travel times.


Try as I might I just cannot like a shield option for an alpha character on the Vexor. That and the slot layout as well as total capacitor and capacitor recharge rates seem to favor armor.

Before posting another option I have a few comments on the fit above posted by Inir Ishtori.
Please remember these are personal preference things based on almost eight years in the game.

Never waste rig slots on resistance mods for a mission ship, use them for something that benefits the ship no matter what NPC you are fighting.

On a ship where drones offer you the most flexibility in the damge type you can deal to the NPC why waste slots for bonuses to guns that are locked into thermal and kinetic damge.

Here is a mission fit the Alpha I know are having great success with.
As always upgrade to T2 if and when possible.

See after the fit for notes and comparisons to the fit posted by Inir Ishtori above.

[Vexor, L2 Vex Armor]

Medium ‘Accommodation’ Vestment Reconstructer I
Prototype Armor Thermal Hardener I
Prototype Armor Kinetic Hardener I
Drone Damage Amplifier I
Drone Damage Amplifier I

Cap Recharger I
Cap Recharger I
Omnidirectional Tracking Link I
10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner

Dual 150mm Prototype Gauss Gun, Federation Navy Antimatter Charge M
Dual 150mm Prototype Gauss Gun, Federation Navy Antimatter Charge M
Dual 150mm Prototype Gauss Gun, Federation Navy Antimatter Charge M
Dual 150mm Prototype Gauss Gun, Federation Navy Antimatter Charge M

Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Medium Nanobot Accelerator I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II

5x missions specific light drones
5x mission specific medium drones
Remaining 50m3 of bay space for whatever you want.

Now those comparisons.
Not quite as much tank but this one only uses 2 slots for tank instead of 4 and more importantly it is quick, easy and cheap to change to mission specific hardners.

At the same skill level this fit has slightly less capacitor time, but then cap stability with everything running is not needed and this fit is cap stable with the armor rep turned off. A note on cap stability, when you progress into level 3 or level 4 missions cap stability becomes even harder to attain so learning now how to pulse tank and to manage your capacitor is excellent practice for later on in your time in EvE.

Not as much raw damage output but more of your damage comes from drones so you loose less of your total damage to NPC resists.


Let me just explain and point out a few things.

Why did i choose resistance rigs? For greater flexibility in tanking ability and for saving precious low slots to fit more damage when possible. With greater experience and skill points - and maybe a bit more ISK - one can probably do fine with just one EANM or a single hardener instead of 2 active hardeners and add a DDAII instead.

Why focus on guns? Because elite frigates will be major a-holes towards your drones, leaving you at pitiful DPS while you pull and relaunch drones. Guns also offer instant damage and allow you to split damage btween them and drones to kill small stuff faster or kill small stuff while drones chew on a cruiser. Also check both fits in EFT/Pyfa - they provide virtually same paper DPS. Mine just has better range on guns so you can shoot earlier for better damage and with better hit quality.
I also had my Alpha run a Gnosis LvL 3s in the same way of thought(4mfs, 2 dda with hybrid range rigs) and it does work way better than focusing on drones because of instant damage over long distances.

But my Vexor fit is made in a such way that you easily can swap between DDA and MSF according to one’s own preference, skill points and mission approach.

Better cap/relative cap stability on my fit: all i can say is that it is really a nice experience to not worry too much about repper and afterburner running all the time.

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Not sure why you all think I am alpha account


That is the point I was making, with rigs you have LESS flexibility on your tank because it is neither cheap nor easy to change rigs when you need to change what damage type you are building resists for.

My initial look proves to be incorrect as well, your fit simply cannot tank as well as mine no matter what NPC or how we look at the fits.
Both fits lose 2 low slots to resist mods so you gain nothing there.
Strongest tank for both fits would be against Serpentis.
Weakest tank would be against Rogue Drones.
All tank numbers listed below are using a pilot with all skills set to level 5 to eliminate any differences from skills.
Your fit 128 dps. - 67 dps if you remove the low slot resist mods
My fit 153 dps. - 76 dps if you remove the low slot resist mods
Rouge Drones
Your fit 74 dps - 43 dps if you remove the low slot resist mods
My fit 107 dps - 64 dps if you remove the low slot resist mods
Your fit uses rig slots for thermal and kinetic damge which are the only damage types that Serpentis shoots and yet even with no resistance mods at all my fit still out tanks yours against Serpentis. The reason for this is the increased repair amount provided by the Auxiliary Nano Pump and the reduced cycle time provided by the Nanobot Accelerator.

Your DPS only reaches pitiful level when you are lazy and recall all of your drones instead of the one (usually) that is taking damage so I see this more as a pilot problem than a fit problem. Moving on drone agro is a fact of life in higher level mission and figuring out how to deal with it now saves frustration later. As you move into level 3 and 4 missions your drones become a larger and larger percentage of your total damage output to the point that for most pilots in a Domi guns are entirely optional and even if you have them they make very little difference in how long it takes to complete a mission.

Another aspect here, if dealing with drone agro is that much of a problem then why not fly the Thorax. With the same mods dedicated to guns it produces more total dps (guns and drones) and the vast majority of that damage comes from the guns so there is very little lost when you pull drones for agro.

Gnosis is a terrible ship for a drones pilot because the ship was never intended to be a drones ship, drones are just a little extra. If you want a battle cruiser specifically for a drones pilot then you need to fly the Myrmidon.

Your Vexor fit is no easier to change around to meet the needs / desires of the pilot than mine is, and as shown above no matter how you configure the fits yours has less tank ability.

Now to cap stability. For a vet that has learned lessons in the past cap stability is neither good or bad it is a personal preference thing. For new players moving up in mission levels cap stability is a terrible thing because they learn to rely on that cap stability instead of learning other concepts that will be critical as they continue to move up. Given that most of the level 3 fits and virtually all of the level 4 fits these new players will be able to fly are not going to be cap stable level 2 missions are in fact the perfect place to introduce them to and get them comfortable with the concept of pulse tanking a ship that is not cap stable. They have level 1 missions behind them so they are reasonably comfortable with the whole mission experience. In level 2 they will not face warp scrambling that could prevent them from warping out of a pocket. The mission pockets are still few in number and reasonably small in size so flying back through them after a warp out does not use that much extra time. The ships are still reasonable in cost so even if something goes completely wrong and they lose a ship it does not hurt the wallet that badly.

I took my cue on this from a post made by DMC where he posted a link to an alpha fit. My error and I apologize for it. Given that and a higher level of SP possible then simply replace the mods in my fit with T2, faction or dead space gear as your desires and wallet allow.

Well, just to go sure about all the numbers I loaded up both fits in EFT, chose antimatter damage profile to tank against aaaand… see for yourself:

Red graph is my fit, green yours.

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So you are gaining:

  • 16 extra dps of tank (10%) at the cost of having to destroy your rigs every time you face other npcs (or having useless resists and thus a worse tank)
  • up to 40 dps under 20-30km, for 30-60 dps everywhere outside of that range

Honestly, you two have fine alternative fits and which one is the best to chose is likely dictated by which skills the pilot has trained more of.

However, given that we are discussing vexor fits, it seems likely that the pilot would have better drone than gunnery skills.

If you want to invest in guns, flying a thorax should be better. You will get a bonus to your better weapon system and you can still use 5x medium drones as well.

Why? Every faction has a primary and secondary damage types, containing kinetic and/or thermal component. For Blood Raiders and Sansha you fit a single em hardener, for Angels 1 or two explosives or 1 explosive and 1 eanm(which is a sort of omnitank). No need to discard the rigs. They are about 1 to 1,5 mil anyway which isn’t too much even for a new player.

This discussion is getting a bit silly anyway. I suggest loading your fit of choice in a fitting tool and then deciding for yourself what you want to use.

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Well, if you want your fit to do better than him, which you seem quite intent to demonstrate, but in a more realistic mission setting where npcs are not always the same, it would be required to change one of the rigs.

All of the low slot combinations changes are pointless since the other fit can do that too while retaining the full advantage of its rigs. It will also not be paying to replace them. I agree the rigs are cheap, but even a small unnecessary expense is a flaw.

Yes, as I pointed out above, the fits are essentially equivalent, with minor flaws that different playstyles and pilot skills will compensate or highlight. I still think a gun-centric fit is more at home on a thorax though.

Well I’m one of those players that believes in using rig slots to boost up resistance holes as well as Cap stats if needed. Doing that enables the option to change out fitted modules whenever needed without having to destroy and replace rigs.

Course I also believe in doing Omni resists on my ship fits to minimize refiting for every mission.

I’m not saying that fitting rigs for resists is bad, or even that omni-tanking is, both have their places, even when running missions (ex.: once you get to the point where you just need a decent tank and slapping on an omni-tank lets you not worry). There is a definite convenience to doing so, it’s just that one needs to recognize the flexibility that you get in fitting rep rigs that are always useful as well.

It’s pretty much all about playstyles by this point.

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Noticed that you set your pilot to one called “aplha klon gallente”, reset that to the PYFA built in character called “ALL 5” and then re=post the new graphs. Using either yours or my fit I can turn either one into the best ship statistically simply by altering the skills of the character chosen. By using the built in ALL 5 character you would complete eliminate any affect the characters skills has on the numbers presented.

Also noticed that you choose the antimatter incoming damage profile which is all thermal and kinetic damage. Re-set your incoming damage profile to rouge drones and then re-post the new graphs. And yes do change the low slot resistance mods on both to be fair.

I see now that I did not post the source for my fitting numbers, my bad so let me correct that here.
I used EvE HQ version using the default Serpentis and Rouge Drones damage profiles.
To eliminate skills as a possible factor in the numbers presented I went to the HQF tab of the fitting section, selected pilot manager, and from that pop up window selected the Set All Skills To Level 5 button.

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