Vexor PVE active armor tank

Hi guys I am a new player for a week.

I am trying to fit a Vexor with active armor tank for PVE.

I am in Gallente High Sec. I can fit some Tech II modules but not all… especially the drones lol

I have Drone IV now but Drone V is kinda hard for an alpha player…

I would like to know how would you fit a Vexor. Fitting is the most challenging task for me so far.

I ran out of my power grid with just 3 points after I tried to add a 100MN after burner.

I have no clue how to improve power grid besides training that skill.

Thx tigeryi

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Unfortunately, if you take the Vexor route, its a drone ship. Guns are the secondary on it. As an alpha or new player you might or might not be able to fit a 100MN AB on it, make sure your AB is the Compact one. Otherwise scale down to the 10MN in which case use the monoprepellant or a faction. The 1st will give you a bit more cap efficiency, the 2nd a bit more speed.

you need to focus your ships on a single weapon type, don’t spread or they will both become ineffective.

Also for a new player, I do not see any need to run 100 MN jsut yet, that can come much later. 10MN is perfectly fine for all L2s and most L3s, you really won’t need it until you hit L4s or equivalent difficulty content, and by that time you will know exactly what to do and a lot of the issues will disappear.

To get more powergrid there are a couple options.

  1. there is a powergrid rig under engineering rigs. I forgot its name, but you can just open those up and right click on them, hit “show info” that will tell you which one it is.
  2. In Engineering modules there is a “Reactor Control Unit” , it goes into a low slot on your ship.
  3. Auxilary Power cores. Lowest fitting reqs but provide least PG bonus, primarily used on frigates and destroyers, though maybe useful for a low SP player on other ships.

I do have some advice for you. instead of going Vexor right now, get yourself a Gnosis. It is a bit more expansive then a basic Vexor, in Jita they go for around 27-29 mil a piece. And I guarantee you that you will be able to fly it with your skills and have much more PG, CPU and all that in it then you will in a lot of ships until you get those skills up.

It can comfortably handle up to level 3 combat missions, all of them. For propulsion on it, use a 50 MN MWD. It will run you dry on capacitor, so you don’t keep it on all the time like with an afterburner, you give it like maybe 2,3,5 cycles then turn it off. It is a bit different play, but its good and you will not have the problems you are having while training up your skills. Remember, Gnosis

To make the ISK for it you can literally run L1 and L2 missions in a frigate, it migth work out better then a Vexor. For Gallente, I recommend Tristan, but drones …


Eve Uni is a good reference for a newer pilot. There are some fittings there you can look over.

Remember to choose your resist modules according to the damage type of your opponents. And choose drones that do the best damage type as well.

Like Fluffy Moe advised, a Gnosis will probably serve you better for PvE as it is more versatile than the Vexor.


thx a lot for your advise. I will definitely get a gnosis soon.

for gnosis, I wonder why to use a 50mn mwd instead of a 50mn ab?

I am used to AB which can be turned active for a long time…

I guess I have to adapt to new style.

anyway. thx your help


thx a lot for the eve uni.

I assume in G high sec I will see more Serpentis…

again thx for help in this forum

You can stay with AB, however, in ships that are bigger then cruiser, and Gnosis is a Battlecruiser (next size up), AB does not provide much speed. As an alpha I just can’t recommend it. If you go to Omega, then yes because you can have a Micro Jump Drive + AB which works out great on armor Battlecruisers.

But if your only method of propulsion is AB or MWD, for this size vessel go with MWD or you will move extremely slow. You will be able to slowly get from point A to point B, but you will not be able to speed tank or do anything like that.

If you end up running into fitting trouble or operational trouble (actual gameplay) let us know what you get stuck on and we’ll see if we can help.

few things to keep in mind about MWD. It has a cap volume penalty, so if you can fit a Large Pb-Acid Capacitor Battery on your ship to offset it and give yourself a little extra, and at least 1 capacitor recharge speed rig, or a capacitor recharger into a middle slot. Do not stack recharge modules / rigs, its bad, better to go with 2 batteries and 1 recharger, or a Capacitor Booster. However, the capacitor booster uses charges (like ammo) but they take up a huge amount of cargo space so you won’t be able to loot much or carry stuff etc. A recharger is much better and easier to use for a new player then a booster.

Your bottom slots, fit an Adaptive Resistance Plate, Energized if you can if you don’t have the skills then regular x2 or x1 and 1x Emergency Damage Control. 1x medium armor repairer, Rest damage mods for your main weapon system but leave 1 slot open.

The last low slot or rig: Fit 1 Trimark Armor Pump rig or an armor plate, biggest that will fit but not both, see which one will give you more total armor, into your ship. So the open slot, make this the last thing that you put into your ship.

In 1 of your mid slots: fit eitehr a tracking computer with a tracking speed script, or a drone tracking link with tracking speed script, depending which weapons you use as your main.

In remaining 2 rig slots: fit 1 armor repairer speed rig and 1 armor repair amount rig, i forgot their names, auxillary something something and nanopump something something.

Play with it all in the ingame fitting tool and you can save your fitting there too. While doing this, note taht you have some little pulldown menus on right hand side above where resistances are shown. One of them will let you see “armor repair rate” commonly referred to as HP/s Hit Points Per Second. the rigs, as you put them in and out, will adjust this number for you if you have a repairer on your ship already, boosting the repair effect, however, the repair speed rig, while greatly effective at this, also increases capacitor use.

So you have to play with it all and see how it all plays out, you can turn each module on / off in the fitting window. Make sure you have your MWD turned off. Turn everything on, including the MWD and aim for about 4-8 minutes of operation, until your capacitor depletes. if you cant get 3 minutes, then play with it, add/ substract cap batteries, change out that repair speed rig into anotehr repair volume rig, add a better cap recharger, etc. etc. keep doing it until you do.

if you have super low capacitor skills, then go ahead and do switch out of the MWD to the AB, but you will be moving very slow and some thinsg maybe problematic because of it until you get those skills up.

Note that if you pick drones as your main weapon, which is highly advisable, they don’t use any capacitor, whereas hybrid guns do, so they cut into your tank and mobility by doing so.

For armor, there is a module called Adaptive Energized Resistance Plating II. Find it, hit show info on it, go to “requirements” tab and see which skills it needs and how high. Make this into your training goal. you need this module, trust me. Later on, there is also Reactive Armor Hardener, this one is very very very good and you will need it. It may be Omega, am not sure cause not in the game now, but it doesn’t become truly effective until you have high skills with it, mostly 5s with some 4s at least. So it takes a long time to train into and you can leave that for later. get the Energized plating ASAP, along with Tech 2 Damage Controls, should be same or very close to same reqs.


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