Lvl 3 or 4 misions?

I’m playing this game 1/2 month and so far i have this ship:

5x Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Auto Targeting System I

10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Gistum B-Type Medium Shield Booster
Missile Guidance Computer II
Dread Guristas Adaptive Invulnerability Field
Dread Guristas (EM or Kinetic) Ward Field

2x Ballistic Control System II
Domination Ballistic Control System
Missile Guidance Enhancer II

Medium Semiconductor Memory Cell I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

Can i do lvl 4 misions of Sister of EVE or shout i start go for lvl3?

Use this to get some info what to use and what to expect:

What is the dps for that fit? Off the top of my head, I would think you would want to have at least 700+ dps or level 4 missions will be run too slow for a decent return on time spent. Guess if you are having run, play EVE the way you want to play it (within the EULA and TOS, ofc).

I wouldnt say 700dps is the cutoff…
But you would make more isk and more fun doing level 4s, but I would switch the rapid light missle launcher for heavy assult missles and use rage, it will apply very well to battleships.

Not sure a two-week-old character is going to be able to do a level4 mission solo in a cruiser. Maybe with other players. One of them who had the standings to get lvl4 missions could accept it then all members of the fleet can do the mission together.

Perhaps you have skill injected a lot - seems a bit of T2 modules are available to you for a new character.

If you like missiles and PVE perhaps look toward going to a Tengu (T3 strategic cruiser that crushes lvl4s)

if i’m using what ur saing i will have even less dps and also i can use just heavy missiels but vs friget it will be to slow i want to reserch drone how much i can for be able to kill frigets and drone in second after i go for T2 heavy missiels.

Also if u guys knw better ways for my cruiser to farm for moment i just do combat sites and that’s all misions lvl 2 seems to low i was doing them with old friget with u knw a good agent for lvl 3 misions in hight sec or something or something. For battle ship i need 1 more month to reserch at least.

Less dps?
Even after the 35 second reload time?

i’m ussualy not reaload i kill everyfing in time in all combat site ( geen )

Back in the day I started Lvl4 missions with 2m skill points, in Battleship, large railguns and t1 medium drones. It was very slow compared to a decently skilled player but was deffinately doable and if im honest, i enjoyed it.

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That’s a “shiny” ship - eminently gank worthy. You should expect to find other players shooting at you in level 4 missions as well as NPC’s.

You’ll also find that the rats in level 4 missions can web and scram your ship so you can’t run. As an inexperienced pilot, you’re likely to lose a few ships while learning the player skills needed - they can’t be injected. Make sure you’re flying ships you can afford to lose.

I recommend you scale back - fly level 3 missions in something cheap like a Gnosis and learn how to fly it well. Learn to fly level 4’s in a low cost T1 battleship like the Praxis - you can buy and fit 2 of them for the cost of your faction invulnerability field.

Once you know how to do L4’s in a battleship that has enough tank to survive a few rookie mistakes you can try running them in a cruiser - my preference is Gila. You’ll need to speed/sig tank most of the incoming dps so learn to fly your ship,

Ordinary L4 missions require range, tank and gank. You can do them in different ships, but you will be slow and getting into range can be painfull. Rather get Rattlesnake for whole room clear or Machariel for mission blitz. Burner missions require other special tools.

There are sis of eve lvl 3 misions or other agent what dosent make enemis caldari amar minmatar or galante.

SOE has level 1, 2 and 3 security agents in Simela, Genisis region. There may be others I don’t know about. If you run missions that involve killing empire faction ships, you will lose standing with that faction - doesn’t matter who you’re running the mission for. You only gain faction standing by running storyline missions and will lose some standing with the enemies of the faction giving you the standing gain. A lot of people who run missions simply decline all storyline missions for this reason. There are tools to repair standing - for example, the SOE Epic Arc will give you roughly an 8% standing boost with the empire faction of your choice and you can run it every 90 days.

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