M-Spec Industrial Resources 3rd Quarter Dividend and Operating Results

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M-Spec Industrial Resources Ltd (MTLS) is pleased to announce a 3rd quarter dividend of 10,000 ISK per share, payable Tuesday, October 10 to shareholders of record as of Sunday, October 8.

During the quarter, share net asset value advanced at an accelerated rate, from 657,700 ISK to 703,100 ISK. Shareholder return, including dividend, amounted to 8.4%. The Advanced Materials group showed strong gains during the quarter, fueled by speculation surrounding changes to supply dynamics. Most other Industrial Materials categories enjoyed modest gains during the quarter.

For the 12 month period ended September 30, share net asset value rose from 644,400 ISK to 703,100 ISK. Total return for the 12 month period, including dividends of 40,000 ISK, amounted to 15.3%.

As of September 30, M-Spec’s assets totaled 955 billion ISK, of which 93 billion ISK was in cash.

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