Understanding how to pull more ISK out of your ore (mining)

It goes without saying in EVE, skills matter, implants matter, better facilities matter.
I have no mining implants at this time and my skills are ok (not maxed).

This is my results after a long mining op.

8137 Plagioclase (compressed).

68.3 yield NPC station

594,747 tritanium

1,183,935 pyerite

594,747 Mexallon

~55,800,000 ISK sell ore
~50,700,000 ISK sell minerals

Player station (Athanor)

73.9% yield

643,040 tritanium

1,280,071 Pyerite

643,040 Mexallon

Sell ore ~55,800,000 ISK
Sell minerals ~54,800,000 ISK

Refine cost; 991,958.10 ISK

The difference is 48,293 in Mexallon, at 70 ISK per unit is 3,380,510 ISK profit ONLY counting Mexallon, minus refining cost 991,958 = 2,388,552 more in profit.

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Did you check the value of compressed ore.
Also you might need to post the stats you used to calculate your refining yield.

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Yes, the ore was compressed

As far as stats, do you mean my skills?

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Skills. Rigs on the structure. Implants.

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Reprocessing V
Reprocessing efficiency V
Veldspar processing V
Plagioclase processing IV
Pyroxeres processing IV
Astrologeology V
Mining V
Mining upgrades IV

Rigs are defense
No implants for mining.

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