(MacOS 10.15) Advice regarding updating from really old client

I’ve been running Eve (through Wine) on my Mac since around 2016 using version EveLauncher-1104888.dmg. Of course I’ve been updating my launcher over time, but only through the launcher itself. (This is the current state of my install.)

Recently I read news that CCP will be releasing a native MacOS client and I’m really excited about its release. So, if it’s available, then my question is “What is the download link?” If it hasn’t been released, then I would like to refresh my install using the current EveLauncher-1863399.dmg and then download all the content to my local drive.

The reason for updating is to get better performance since MacOS has changed over the period I’ve been playing Eve and there are some buggy behaviours. I should note that I have Homebrew's version of Wine installed as I use it for other things I do.

To do such an upgrade, I’m wondering about what I need to delete from my filesystem since Eve seems to be spread over a few folders;

~/Library/Application Support/EVE Online
~/Library/ApplicationSupport/EVE Online

I’m not sure what I need to delete and what I can keep.
I’m not fussed about deleting everything and re-downloading the entire set of data files if that will have a positive effect on my install.
So, what should I delete? All the contents of the above mentioned folders or can I keep some; like the log folders in ~/Documents/EVE or the data files (which are in the p folder? Have I missed any folders?


I would hold off on making any plans for a MacOS-based upgrade until CCP releases more info on what the native client is compatible with (from a hardware and software perspective). The MacOS native client is not available yet - we don’t even have a beta date, I don’t think? Follow this thread for news: EVE Online to go native on macOS!

I would make a point of backing up your character and account profiles from the Shared Cache, as that will save having to reconfigure all of your settings later (assuming CCP parses the same core_user and core_character formats in the native MacOS client - which may not be the case).

Anything more would be entirely speculation at this point.

With regard to refreshing your Wine-client install, I’m not at my Mac to verify all the file locations, but I have had good success with running a normal uninstall process on EVE Launcher and then downloading the latest launcher to install again - but I use the CCP-packed-with-Wine iterations.

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