Mad_Ani returns to EVE Online on Twitch after FIVE years!

Hi everyone!

I hope all is well in New Eden. It sure has been a long time! I stopped playing end of 2013 and sold off all my chars and gave away billions of ISK to viewers. Over the years EVE Online found its way into my news feeds on Youtube, hearing about massive fights. It made me smile and reminded me, I was there! I actually streamed EVE Online for an entire year 24/7 and alarm clocked for those fights! If there was a fight, I was there!

So FIVE years have passed and I thought I’d have a sneak peak at EVE Online to see what has changed and all I can say is wow. So many amazing new features and cool new stuff has been added. The best part is they introduced a whole camera system for streamers!

If you remember me from Twitch, basically I was the 1st ever EVE Online streamer to get partner and I even got EVE into the top 5 streams which was a big deal. I managed to bring in 100’s of new players to the game and CCP even wrote a spotlight on me! Loads of info on and below my stream. See you there hopefully :heart:

Capturing the largest fights in EVE Online. Completely neutral EVE correspondent.

I promised you all that I would do this when I got partnership/subscription! Over 100bil ISK given away! Random raffles happen at any time and any day. Stay tuned! This is for all viewers! We ended giving away 13bil ISK in 1 single random raffle!


Sered’s lives blog about my stream


• 3.1 MILLION+ visitors
• 7350 Twitch followers (peak was 8400 in 2013)
• Trance/Dance/Chillout music with over 2 weeks of songs on the playlist
• 8365 concurrent viewers (NEW RECORD)!!! This is massive for an EVE stream
• Capturing the largest fights live and recording them!
• All details below the video stream (scroll down on Twitch)

Unbiased updates on the front line, live video feed with awesome tunes streaming throughout!

Maybe you listen to it for the music, watch it for the intel or just want to join the chat - Allies/Neutrals/Hostiles are all welcome (keep it trash talk to local chat).


Ccp_rise - “mad ani your stream up on my other monitor while I work usually”
Ccp_bro -
Mintchiplol - “Should check out if you haven’t already #eveonline
Ccp_phor - “this is the best channel to work to”
Ccp_dolan - “I wear a handbag while I play, it’s the next best thing”
BlackDeathJazz - “I’m glad to see Mad Ani finally getting endorsed by CCP”
Billy Booya - “Hi, I am currently watching your live stream at! Keep up the good work! You have truly shown my friends and I how interesting EVE Online can be!”
Cravecrate - “I also hope that CCP realize what impact you are having and can contribute to this stream a bit more”

Other CCPers that have visited with their Twitch accounts:
Ccp_manifest, Ccp_Fozzie, Ccp_vesnaprishla , Ccpbettik, Ccp+karkur + many more

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p.s. Mad Ani is not my char anymore. I used all the donations to buy skill injectors and created a whole new fleet of camera alts!

Well that was fun! Meeting some regulars from 5 years ago! We reached a peak of 450 viewers at 1 point. We raised 15bil ISK, a fair few subs, lots of followers and some Twitch donations. Thank you to all that that turned up.

We caught up on what’s new, which wars are taking place, new ships and nice chilled stream :sunglasses:

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