Main AFK cloaky thread

(Salt Foambreaker) #4472

If cloaks are not fine then tell us what is the problem?

You seem to be an expert, tell us what is wrong with cloaking?

Oh right, your not talking to me because there is no real problem and you don’t want to discuss that :rofl:

(Daichi Yamato) #4473

Take a look in the mirror.

(Mike Voidstar) #4474

Problem: Unlimited Safety while in space.

Problem: Influence of game from unassailably safe position in space.

Problem: AFK play trumping ATK play due to complete unbreakable safety.

And all you can say is : “Oh, those guys are garbage and don’t deserve to play the game”

The truth is that either the ship under a cloak is 100% harmless and having zero effect on the game or it’s players in any way, in which case there should be no problem removing cloaked campers… or they are not 100% harmless and having zero effect on the game or it’s players in any way, in which case the 100% safety afforded to them is too much.

(Merin Ryskin) #4475

Because it’s true. Good alliances are not hindered by cloaked campers. Bad alliances are. This is a great situation, and we shouldn’t change it just because the poor renter trash and RMT botters want to pretend to be good.

(Xcom) #4476

Mike Voidstar, just take a step back and look at the response. I wouldn’t respond to that to starve them of the enjoyment they get out of stirring the pot.

This forth and back reduces the chance of having a proper discussion that might lead to a interesting feedback CCP might be interested in. Discussion about weather cloaks are to safe shouldn’t even be brought up given its subjective. The only chance of getting through to CCP is to have civil discussions about how cloaking should change. Given that, I would stop discussing any or all conflicts that comes out of talking about cloaking nerfs not being needed. This is the only place change might be fostered and this forth and back ranting kills it, that’s why they keep doing it. Falling for the trap by responding encourages more spam and derailing that just leads away from any discussion about cloak changes.

Don’t respond to anyone attempting to kill the thread. They won’t change there minds and whatever response attempting to change their minds kills the topic.

(Merin Ryskin) #4477

CCP is not interested in feedback. As we keep telling you, they have already stated that they are not changing cloaks until at least after local is nerfed. This thread exists for the sole purpose of preventing multiple carebear whine threads from cluttering up the forum and giving the moderators an easy way to remove pointless threads without technically locking or deleting them. CCP is probably not even reading it.

Given that, I would stop discussing any or all conflicts that comes out of talking about cloaking nerfs not being needed.

Translation: “don’t tell me my idea is bad, we need to take it for granted that I am right and my proposed nerf is needed”. I’m sure its good for you ego to assume that you’re right, but that’s not how it works in the real world.

(Daichi Yamato) #4478

You also know the problem can’t be addressed until local is.

(Salt Foambreaker) #4479

Made up problem since the cloaked ship can’t do anything.

(Salt Foambreaker) #4480

What influence? Another made up problem.

(Salt Foambreaker) #4481

Another made up problem AFK is not illegal.

(Salt Foambreaker) #4482

Sorry, local has nothing to do with cloaking except the comical anecdote “You wouldn’t know they are there without local”.

Funny, fun in forum PvP, but not a real tie that binds the two.

Also since there is no problem with AFK clocking how can you tie two fixes together?

(Daichi Yamato) #4483

Afraid that afk cloaking is tied to local.

It is the tactic used to get around local, and doesn’t happen where local is not useful intel.

CCP have all but said, they aren’t changing cloaks without changing local.

(Aaron) #4484

Hey!! Leave cloaking alone. Without it I can’t live alone in Stain. I have also been camped by a cloaky in Stain, I fired up another alt and continued in another system.

Do not change cloaking under any circumstance.

(Salt Foambreaker) #4485

That’s right, no one in WH space uses a cloak.

(Daichi Yamato) #4486

Reportedly wormholers don’t afk cloak.

(Aaron) #4487

Well here is my 2 pence…

I know its all good ratting with a carrier in sov and then a cloaky camper comes making it impossible. This does not mean there is something wrong with the mechanics of the game. My suggestions are as follows;

  • Use smaller ships with with a fleet and keep isk ticking over, limit your loss by using a cheaper ships to earn. Earning something is better than earning nothing.

  • View the fact you’re being camped to your advantage. You know some form of pvp is imminent, Do not ignore this fact. Perhaps the whole alliance could adopt cheap blackbirds and take turns to do patrols. If you’re doing my previous suggestion then it will be fun evading a hotdrop with ecm blackbirds and then going right back to grinding in cheap ships a few moments after their hotdrop failed.

  • Don’t lose faith or become demotivated, support your team as best you can and be open to operating differently

  • Analyse killmails where your team has been hotdropped and lost ships while ratting, find out who does what in the hot drop fleet and find out where they are staging from. Send an alt to their staging point and have a look at what they are doing. It is very easy to see when they are mobilized and ready to hot drop so warn your team mates to get safe or downsize into cheaper ships and continue ratting.

  • Cloaky camping their staging point may make them want to revise what their doing because of too many failed hotdrops. There really is an art form to war, sometimes it is possible to fight without fighting.

  • If you know some big boys with big ships then make sure they are aware of when you are setting up a bait, Try to have a good relationship with others who can counter-drop the hotdroppers and then orchestrate a lovely bait.

  • If you have to, infiltrate the hotdroppers corp/alliance, it may take some time but once you have a spy in position you will be able to hear first hand when they are ready to hot drop, Sow distrust within their ranks and which could possibly make them go on witch hunts for the spy.

I hope my suggestions help you. There’s playing Eve, and then there’s PLAYING Eve.

(Salt Foambreaker) #4488

And then the cloaky camper turned out to be an explorer waiting for you to leave the system :rofl:

Pixel Fear of Cloaked Ships

(Solstice Projekt) #4489

Let’s not forget the main reason why people whine about afk cloakers:


(Salt Foambreaker) #4490

What I don’t get is why they are afraid of the AFK ones, AFK players won’t pop a cyno and are not spying, they are AFK.

The real cloakers to be worried about is the ones at the keyboard who are about to pop a cyno or are telling their alliance your location.

(Solstice Projekt) #4491

I’m absolutely sure I’ve already written a response to this kind of question… : D

Anyhow, you’re approaching this from the wrong angle. There’s a good chance their constant bullshitting made you at least subconsciously believe at least some parts they’re saying … and I’ll correct that now.

We’re talking specifically about nullsec renters here. Literally everyone else has no issues with cloakers, them being afk or atk doesn’t matter. It’s really simple, actually.

  • They’re afraid of someone neutral who enters local. They act like bots, immediately docking up.
  • They’re afraid of someone neutral who sits in local. They act like bots, staying docked until he leaves.
  • They’re afraid of losing their stuff.

It makes no sense to assume that they feel like the usual highseccers, who identify with their characters (space heros, etc) throwing a fit when they’re getting ganked. No, nullsec renters aren’t actually playing in an environment that allows for that, being “locked” down in a system or constellation.

So what’s actually left?

They initiate warp and dock up as soon as someone enters local.
They refuse to leave the station as long as someone is inside the system.
They want to play pretty much isolated from everyone else and would like zero dangers.
They want to avoid losses at all cost.

The question of importance arises here. Who, in his right mind, would not leave the game if he wasn’t able to play?

No one.
Normal people leave and play something else, because their time is valueable.

They don’t.
They stay.
They complain.



We’re all well aware that nullsec is infested with botters.

Now ask yourself this:

Who are the ones who benefit the most from creating the illusion of afk cloaking being a problem?
Who are the ones who benefit the most of a Zero Danger/High Income system?
Why would someone not leave a game he can not play, if he didn’t have some other motives beyond playing?

So, the reason why they whine is because the afk cloaker cuts into their real life income. He is not just a threat to their ships, but also to their botting operations. He can record them, report them and put them on youtube for everyone to see, exposing their doings.

This is what it all boils down to. The rest is just their words manipulating every single one in here who keeps arguing with them. They keep repeating the ■■■■■■■■, and they keep inventing new ■■■■■■■■, because it all distracts from the fact that they bot and RMT, and that’s why they can’t have anyone else in the system.

The rest simply does not matter. It’s irrelevant. Hot air. ■■■■■■■■ they throw at people, because being honest isn’t an option … and likely nothing they are capable of anyway.

Only worth a short mentioning are the fanatics who will speak for the botters even if they don’t actually support botting. They’ll just keep hating on everyone who “oppresses” others, because they don’t care about reality, feelings, or anyone but themselves being perceived as “good guys who stand up for the weak”.

And that’s it. Wrote it a bit in a hurry, but it looks like I got it right.
Hopefully I managed to untie that knot in your head. :slight_smile: