Main AFK cloaky thread

(Old Pervert) #4552

That’s a good question. Why do you? What precludes you from giving yourself free intel?

(Merin Ryskin) #4553

Why aren’t you facing risk? Are you assuming that your target is incompetent and has no way of fighting back, baiting you into a trap, etc? The only true no-risk cloaked activity is sitting idle in a safespot, and the only reward is having your name stay in local 23/7. If you want kills you have to face risks in PvP.

(Bronson Hughes) #4554

Fair point. They obviously have impact on the game, just not on game mechanics. Their impact is purely psychological, and CCP can’t patch that.

And if you hadn’t quite so selectively quoted me, that point would have been conveyed. :roll_eyes:

(Bronson Hughes) #4555

Fear the pixel…



(Teckos Pech) #4556

I love ratting in a system with an AFK cloaker that is outside his active TZ…so many anomalies so little time. What’s that, the Anti-AFK Cloakers said this can’t happen?

(Mike Voidstar) #4557

No body said it can’t happen.

There’s no way to remove the camper though, you just raise his barrier to entry on engaging. You may not care, but others might like a chance to actually engage that threat rather than tolerating it.

You just love to fight that strawman though, Keep at it.

It’s pretty awesome how you guys use the non-consent card to support your side, but deny it when it comes to receiving some non-consensual action yourselves though. Very intellectually honest and not hypocritical at all.

(Merin Ryskin) #4558

First of all, you’ve already admitted that you refuse to do PvP, so please stop pretending that you have any interest in engaging anything.

Second, none of your proposals give you any chance of engaging a target. You might be able to force it to warp around (while still being 100% immune to attack) or log out when it goes AFK, but you will never get to engage anything. Which is fine with you, because we all know that your goal is to make local more effective as a warning tool for RMT farmers. You’re fine with a player going AFK and being immune to attack as long as that player’s name is removed from local (because they logged out) and returns to local as soon as they come back from being AFK so that the RMT bot knows when it is safe to farm.

(Teckos Pech) #4559

Yes…yes you did. You whined and whined and whined. Now I’ve shown it need not “shut down a system hundreds of players spent time securing (but can’t be arsed to continue to secure it).”

Engage? You are so funny. Why not just say you like to beat up toddlers in your karate class like Kramer.

What strawman? You said it couldn’t be done yet I’ve done it.

Be fair, Mike might actually engage a person who is not at his keyboard…maybe.

(Mike Voidstar) #4560

I don’t presume they are afk. If they are, that’s on them. They should have an onus to actively secure their own safety just like their targets.

(Salt Foambreaker) #4561

Which is your RIGHT… /sarcasm

He has every right to be there, why do you act like you are so much better and so much more entitled than all the other players?

(Mike Voidstar) #4562

Nice Strawman.

I never said either side had a superior right.

I did say that both sides should experience non-consent when not docked.

(Merin Ryskin) #4563

Why? Stop with the ridiculous philosophical tangents on how “active” defense is so important and look at the actual gameplay consequences of your suggestions. Would they create any new risk? No. Would they generate any additional kills or even PvP engagements? No. ATK players would continue to be 100% immune to attack unless they choose to make themselves vulnerable, and AFK players would log out. The sole effect of any of your proposals is that players can no longer keep their names in local when they go AFK, making local more effective as an intel tool for RMT farmers.

(Mike Voidstar) #4564

Because it’s a game based on non-consensual PvP where only one side is actually experiencing non-consent. Spread it around to both sides, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

you want to deny your opponent use of the space? You want to drive your opponent into a sense of complacency so that they lower their guard? You want to degrade the value of their space by making them waste extra manpower and use compromised fits in order to use it? All of that is perfectly fine----from an active player. Put in the effort and suffer some risk just like everyone else.

(Greylord Kane) #4565

Similar to the Cyno I think it would be good if Cloaking Device used fuel. This would solve some cloaked afk issues and make a more balanced gameplay. You wanna stay cloaked you’ll need to keep your fuel up. As for the no local banter, CCP gave you that when they made WH, go live there if you want no local…lol

(Black Pedro) #4566

Similar to the Cyno I think it would be good if Local Chat used fuel. This would solve some free and instant intel issues and make a more balanced gameplay. You wanna know when someone enters system you’ll need to keep your fuel up. As for the Cloaking Device using fuel banter, CCP decided they shouldn’t use fuel when they made Cloaking Device, so fit something like a Cyno if you want to manage fuel…lol

(Daichi Yamato) #4567

Likewise CCP gave you space with no afk cloakers. Go back to hisec if that’s what you want.

(Merin Ryskin) #4568

If this is your position then why do you keep proposing ideas that do not add any risk for the cloaked player? Why is the sole effect of your ideas always making local more effective as an intel tool for RMT bots by clearing AFK names from local?

PS: if we remove local then an AFK cloaked ship will no longer be able to deny you anything.

(Teckos Pech) #4569

LOL…you are so pathetic. You are scared to death of an empty chair and yet here you are thumping your chest about wanting to beat up that empty chair.

(Jint Hikaru) #4570

When you say ‘go live there’ are you talking about the WH Space that you’ve broken for cloakers by your terribad idea of cloak fuel?

(Anna TLA) #4571

I get the whole lets get the RMT guys, but in general the whole mechnic is stupid. Once you get there your are basically 100% safe and it impacts a whole system of dozens of players. Now you say why be afraid of an empty chair/car, here is the reason I CAN SEE THOSE things are empty, I can not tell if the AFK guy is actually AFK.
He just needs to check his computer once every few hours and either report activity in the system along with some Dscans to direct gank squads that way OR if something really juicy is on map cloak wrap to likely spots and await BO/Capital Strike team to get in position several systems over, then drop and cause mass damage.
THe end result it it makes NORMAL players who want to fly something moderately expensive have to either have a dozen friends on standby or just dock up and hide, causing eventual return to hi sec That is the issue is NOT that it is impossible to deal with, is the scale of the solution to one FREAKING AFK cloaker is beyond the ability of a small group to deal with unless they ALWAYS log on for exactly the same time,
AFK cloaking is sort of like trying to put your competitor out of business by repeatedly calling in bomb threats to their place of business. THe police/fire department have to go in and check it out shutting them down for the day, since there is always a chance. Except in this make believe world the police are incapable of tracing the call, so your competitor has to suffer months at 75% capacity.