Main AFK cloaky thread

Not really. Same arguments, nothing new. Factually inaccurate. Cute attempts to tie it to real world conflicts. Tries to tie it to perfect intel, while ignoring the other half of that perfect intel equation. Discounts legitimate defensive use of cloaking for extended periods of time.

Just because it’s written as an article doesn’t make it any better than the thousands of repeated information already posted here.


If by “interesting” you mean “the same old flimsy excuses for buffing RMT botters, attached to the same old bad ideas with no real attempt to make a viable solution” then sure, it’s a very interesting read.


Has this thread succumb to Godwin’s Law yet? No? I’ll check back later.

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“Veteran”?? I’ll bet I know which side you fought for, you fascist troll!


I had no idea that players were basically logging into a grid, cloaking, and then streaming their client for use as a live intel source. Damned clever if you ask me.

While I’m glad that article pointed out that scenario, I don’t really see it as a problem. It cuts both ways, it doesn’t show fleet composition unless a fleet is in space and on the same grid as the streaming spy, and this situation does nothing to change the balance of cloaking power for smaller scenarios. Plus, the whole attempt to connect to real-world military and recon operations falls flat. EvE is not real life. EvE is a game, and it should be balanced as such.


Im a new player, i just have 3 month in this game, but i can told you something, the cloaking aFK is most stupid i never see in a game before.

  • No counters
  • Indetectable
  • Can open cyno and call infinite other players

How is possible to CCP make this!


There are counters. Its called being in a corp and having good response time. My Tengu got jumped when I was ratting in a C3. Put out a discord ping and less than a minute later, I had a response fleet from my corp saving me.

Actually, they are more detectable in null sec (where all the people demanding cloak camping be banned) compared to Trig and J-space because local doesn’t work in those areas.

None of these complaints have to do with intel gathering because that cuts both ways. It has more to do with how it stops risk adverse people from ratting. I’ve been in a null sec alliance, I was told to always dock up my ratting ship when a neutral or worse appeared in local.

Another argument that cuts both ways. Both sides can use cynos to call infinite ships.

You’ve barely scratched the surface of Eve. No offense, but you do not have the experience or knowledge to understand what is and is not in need of a nerf…

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Then perhaps you should learn more about the game before you post demands for nerfs. Your arguments are nothing new and all of them have been thoroughly refuted many times in this thread.

Alternatively, if by “I’m new” you mean “I just made this RMT botting character to replace the previous one CCP banned” then you’re still wrong, but at least you have a reason for making your demands.

You are right, Cloaking is kinda broken. When I first started the game and saw there was covert ops I was super excited. Even more so when I saw black ops battleships.

Then the first time I cloaked I was like WTF, I still show up in local. How is this covert!!!


@Derath_Ellecon I can’t tell if you’re trolling or not :rofl: . If you ARE serious, then this is merely a nomenclature issue.

Totally serious. I never understood how you could be covert with your name plastered in local chat.

Also a bit trolling maybe. I get that way when life takes away my free time to play :grin:


After wasting a better part of yesterday afternoon and this morning reading this fascinating thread I have to throw my 2 cents on the table.

For a bit of context, I’m mostly an explorer wandering WH and NS. Oh, and occasionally I cloak. Sometimes I’m not at my keyboard. For me my cloak is like a portable station. A safe place in a dangerous place. I don’t own any structures, not part of any alliance, not a multi-boxing, alt-herding l33t PVPer. I just like to wander around, pick up relics here and there, and occasionally teach some new explorers a lesson about being safe in space. To do all of this, a cloak is essential. But…and this is the important part…to make ISK or do anything other than warp around inside a system I have to uncloak.

Sometimes while roaming around null-land I’ll scan some sites for an hour or so before going to work. Maybe I’ll safe log off, or maybe I’ll just cloak up in a safe spot, go to work and check back in after work. All because I’m too lazy to log off and log back in. I never knew I could be causing so much anxiety for someone else. I always thought null was full of bad*ss pirates that would eat you for breakfast, lunch & dinner before spitting you back to HS. I was mistaken.

I’d disagree. Your ship is cloaked, just not your presence in the system…however that works (Probably chips placed in our brains by the Amarrian overlords)

  • Takes 5 seconds to start locking a target after decloaking
  • Can’t activate ANY module while cloaked
  • Can’t reactivate cloak for 15 seconds (or something like that)
  • Try stalking someone through a data site/asteroid field/gas site w/o decloaking on random space crap while the stalkee is mwding all over the place (Remember…I can’t mwd while cloaked)

Only 1/3?

Other than Stealth Bombers there is a penalty in the inability to start locking a target for 5 seconds

As I said earlier, my cloak is my own portable station. It allows me a place to rest and be safe just as your player owned stations do.

Completely safe. Until I decide to do anything other than sit in your system. If it keeps a bot from botting that’s a win in my books.

In conclusion. Cloak = good. Whining = bad


Depending on the hull, the delay may be longer, but many players feel this penalty is insufficient. Even if you can’t attack the enemy, a cap penalty would hurt your defensive capabilities as well as your ability to use ECM/Command bursts, smartbombs, AT missiles, etc

Counter to what, what action is the cloaked ship taking that requires a counter???

You can’t do that while cloaked.

Maybe lrn2play before you post.

Yes. At the time the thread had sat idle for 30 days they they lock after 90 days of inactivity.

Thanks for snipping out of context. That was said partially in jest. However it is a reason why I’ve spent most of my eve life in WH space where I could actually sneak up on someone undetected.

Or truly hide from attackers

Just double checked. It’s a 6 second delay unless you have Cloaking V, then it’s 5 seconds. How much of a cap penalty would suit your needs? My drones don’t use any, and my cap booster would negate any penalty.
I fly knowing there are things out there that are bigger and more plentiful than my single cloaky ship. And I adapt

Ah, but there’s the rub. Not all ships use cap boosters OR they would be forced to use one whereas they would not have used one before. Thus they incur an opportunity cost - they forfeit what they could have used instead (shields, EWAR, precision mods, etc) just to use a booster. This is particularly challenging for shield-tanks and EWAR ships.

Also: cap boosters take up A LOT of cargohold space

I was trying to be sarcastic about the 1/3 thing. My bad.

Didn’t mean to snip out of context, and I realize it was said “partially in jest”. As was my answer. Except for the chips in brains part.
A big reason I occasionally roam NS is the ability to hunt relics in peace without constantly mashing d-scan. It’s like a vacation to the beach

My point is there is already a penalty. How much of a penalty do you need to feel safe?

All good

And I liked the chip thing as a lore reason. I also agree with your sentiment. I have spent more time defensively cloaked than the other way around.