Make a Billion ISK per Day

Mail me ingame
Devout ISK Jews only

Great idea, make afk vni farmers pay you taxes for free!

Is this something new?

Thanks for the bump!

Certainly nothing new and definitely nothing difficult.

Sounds like botting to me

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Was replying to pi farmer. Idk why my post doesn’t show the reply tag, I definitely clicked it.

So CCP ban a bunch of botters and suddenly anyone making over a billion ISK is botting? You clearly can’t fly a supercarrier yet (Or at least have no means to go buy one). Thanks for the bump, scrublord. :smiley:

fairly easy to make a bil a day, making a bil an hour that i would be impressed with.
freindly bump though gl in your recruitment!! o7

I use 4 alts in WTM incursion fleets and make almost over a bil per hour. It’s not that impressive. Impressive is that guy that multiboxes entire incursion fleets himself and makes dope ISK.

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