Make Browser Eve Available from Serbia!

Please CCP,

Make this great game available to be played from browser in Serbia!

Kind regards,

They could if they wanted to…
Just don’t expect the game to be in Serbian :wink:

It would be easier to move to the US.

I don’t know the reasons why they’ve limited the countries, but they have already expanded the country list once before. Hopefully they’ll keep expanding it.

And, if you’re really desperate, you can try using a VPN, and then connecting through a server in a country that can play through Eve Anywhere. Don’t know if free VPN’s are fast enough, but I don’t think Eve uses a lot of bandwidth. So it might be worth a shot depending on what you’re doing. Like, I wouldn’t play chicken with instalocking gatecamps or anything, but it might work for things like trade, P.I., mining, industry, and possibly more.
No P2W

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