Make eve fun again!

(Katarah) #1

Just a little video “propaganda” from our small corp messing around and having some fun, and most of all trying to figure out how to use Sony Vegas.

Was told to remove resample and aspect ratio, anyone happen to know other small things like that which one might miss at first? Been looking around online but rather overwhelming with all the information available.

(Makshima Shogo) #2

Hint don’t use the word again in title’s trump destroyed all validity of the word lol :slight_smile:

(Katarah) #3

Meh, I guess I just live too far away from the US too remotely care what he did with the word ^^

(Donwolfy Trump) #4

Trump increased its value mate, not deteriorated the word

(Makshima Shogo) #5

The only thing trump increased is the chance that humanity might need to start over again from scratch.

(Donwolfy Trump) #6

i sorta of agree, humanity doesn’t need to start from scratch but go back a little and correct themselves, this is what Trump is doing.

(system) #7

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