Make eve great again - Xtra Squishy lol - CSM 16

o Your EVE Online story.
I started playing eve back in 2011 using the free trials to play the game but it wasn’t until 2012 that i commited to a character and started playing seriously,
I got interested in eve after watching bombers bar videos (Hello TEST, Meet Bomber's Bar! - YouTube) was the video that made me want to subscribe and get into stealth bombers i railroaded straight into a Manticore to the point that i joined black ops fleet with just an improved cloak which annoyed the FCs.

Early on i had a friend who taught me most of the basics of the game and he got me into null sec where i joined Gentlemen’s Agreement living in vale of the silent here i learned how to rat going from a blaster naga to a passive regen gila but i always focused my gameplay on pvp moslty in the lonetrek pocket around vale,
Here i improved my skills and pvp knowledge learning about combat probing and what damage types to use i was even able to record some footage of these events using fraps (EVE - YouTube) but after a while i got bored of null sec and joined RVB as i had heard good things from the fly reckless podcast,
I spent most of my time in RVB joining some fleets and getting my ass handed to me by better players but luckily the often gave advice on how i could improve i fly with red federation till early 2015 where i took a 2 year break from the game,
I returned to eve in 2017 after the same friend who got me into the game suggested we gave it another go this time i was a lot moreexperienced and joined up with Dawgs corp a low sec pvp corperation that lived out of villasen in black rise here i improved my pvp abilities immensely flying solo or with my corp i became a much better pilot and after a while i found myself joining Zarvox npsi fleets where i slowly improved at tackling that i became one of the lead scouts for those fleets even tackling and killing 2 super carriers and many more ships ,
The entire time i was playing i was creating youtube videos slowly building an audience going from a few 100 subs to 1k subscribers in arpil 2019 after a few years of corp hopping i build up experience in basically every area of the game that exists making friends and enemies along the way,
After a few years of focusing exclusively on youtube videos i decided to start streaming on twitch averaging 5-10 veiwers on a good day which i was happy with.
However on April 6th 2019 i made a video called “welcome to delve” ( this video sky rocketed my channel and became a staple series on my channel and from then i went from a nobody to a well known name in the eve community and i like to think i haven’t changed my stances too much since then as i have always been honest about the game the players and i hope myself too many people accuse me of being toxic but i don’t ■■■■■■■■ if i think something is dumb i will say so,

o Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?
I believe i would make a good CSM member as unlike most applicants i actually play this game, i undock and i go out there and see the good and the bad that the game has to offer,
I have done low sec null sec and wormhole content so i believe i have a pretty wide range of experience.

o Why are you applying for the CSM?
I am applying to the CSM because i would like to see the game become as great as i believe it can be and as someone who plays the game as a solo pvper i can see things from a differant perspective as those in the massive null blocs.

o What can players expect from you?
You can expect an easy to reach member of the CSM whether its on my discord or my twitch channel i am always open to listen to the players and their ideas. Feel free to join my discord if you would like to reach out to me i know i am not a null bloc and wont have the thousands of votes but if you don’t try you don’t recieve together we can make eve great again.


“Escal Zephyr” would’ve blindfoldly accepted you.

Out of jokes squishy’s one of the most famous players in eve, his youtube content without a doubt attracted many players to the game and kept the game “funny”.
Also he have many experiences in all aspect of the game especially fighting this includes but not limited to contributing in lots of fights with many aspects as every role, fleet commanding big fleets, ganking and solo fighting.

I mean everyone knows squishy as a fun and tricky guy, he would be a great member for CSM.

-Who’s alt is “Escal Zephyr”?


hello xtra squishy lol could you please consider the use of punctuation and paragraphs in your campaign post as otherwise it becomes quite difficult to read it just sounds like you are rambling on and on with no organisation to what you are trying to say there are many spelling mistakes which makes it seem like a low effort post so you could maybe fix that too other than that what uniquely qualifies you to be a member of the csm thank you in advance


Make EVE great again :heart:

Easy #1 on my ballot(unless stitch runs again)

You are currently a member of Lazerhawks.

Can you please confirm if this means you are seeking to represent the interests of wormholers in any way?

I am representing everyone i hope to improve the game as a whole not just one area



You have my vote!

I <3 Squishy


I heard you do exploits and brag about them on youtube.

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A vote for Xtra means less on point memes about bad CCP developments. Keep that in mind when you vote for him because CCP will put his explosive creative potential on a leash and muzzle him. It’s a tough decision to make.


So, what do you think are the problems with EVE at the moment?

You have my vote for sure :slight_smile:

You are on my voting list .

Feel free to show evidence of that

My main issue is that the game encourages people not to pvp with the scarcity changes and reduced income players don’t want to risk their assets if they know it will be harder to get them back which has lead to the most risk adverse meta i have ever seen.



After each fleet with squishy i was naked, no idea why, but it was exciting. Can only recommend.

represent hs ganking <3 spam the vote 1 for squish now