Make Fanfest Every 2 Years? Instead of Annually (Copy Blizzcon)

Make Fanfest Every 2 Years? Instead of Annually (Copy Blizzcon)

Blizzard for many years did blizzcon annually, but a few years ago made it now every 2 years. They realized it was too much work and such a huge event to have annually. Literally when they would finish one event, the planning team would already have the next one under works…

I think this follows, “Less is More”.

Fanfest I think would feel more special, and a lot more information to be packed into the event because its less so frequent. I say this positively to help and make Eve Fanfest better.

Wondering everyone’s thoughts on this.

Have you ever been to Fanfest?

If so, what didn’t feel good about it?

No I have not been in person, I can make it to an Eve Vegas or USA if they have that event again soon. But I swear I was pretty much there, I have watched a boatload of videos of fanfest and presentations, many of them especially the economic reports.

I just felt that it would give CCP a break from it so they can develop the game more or have vacation time, and especially give us more information in one meeting instead of all the time.

I don’t think you are going to get much love from the Community on this and I’m sure CCP in general, are able to manage their workloads and what each team is developing while the ‘ahem’ community team manage events.

But good luck with the suggestion.


Thanks sir Scipio for the conversation and replies, I +1’d you. As you can tell I wasn’t trolling and being serious. The removal of annually helped destress Blizzard a lot.

What you see on the feeds is a very small part of fanfest. While they are cool, the best part of fanfest, it’s the all that you don’t see on stream that is the best part. It’s the roundtables, it’s the random conversations with other players or devs, its the evening after the main fanfest-program ends.

What you see on the stream is only a small part of fanfest.

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Aren’t they sort of doing this? Or at least they are taking Fanfest on tour and experimenting with a bunch of small events all around the world instead of a big single Fanfest in Reykjavik.

I think though if people want to attend, then they should have an event even if there are less big things to announce. I think though scaling the main one back, and using the resources to support multiple smaller/newer ones scattered around the world is an experiment worth trying.


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