Make Khanid Navy modules blueprints available in Khanid LP stores

Not sure if this is a “feature” request or a “bug”.

After completing an Epic Arc for Amarr, I visited the nearby Khanid Kingdom space and looked in the different NPC’s stations LP Store to find which have what (Security related, Distribution related, Mining related), I could not find any blueprint for some of the common modules usually having blueprints within the other factions (coating, armor hardener, energized membrane, rocket launcher, ballistic control systems, etc).
It su**s, that they don’t have blueprints, hence the request. Please :slight_smile:

The Khanid Kingdom is a faction, and has its own space region, in a similar fashion as the Ammatar Mandate does. Yet the Ammatar Mandate NPC LP Stores all have some BPCs for some modules (guns, heat sink, cap recharger, armor hardener, coating, energized membrane, etc.). So why not the Khanid’s NPC LP Stores?

Now, why I think maybe it is a bug is I do see the “expected” Khanid Navy modules BPC on So, even though I don’t know the exact mechanic, I suspect the BPC actually exists on the Eve Online servers, and for some reason are not displaying in the LP store as they (hopefully) should ?

It would make the Khanid Kingdom more attractive for PVE players running missions (buying 5 runs BPC have more value than buying individual modules from the LP stores), and the blings ultimatelly will travel to the hubs.

What is the name of an item you’re looking for?

The modules are available in module form, not as BPCs.

Then this thread is a request, thanks.

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